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What You Need to Know About Disney Channel Auditions

Kids and teenagers who dream of becoming the next Zac Efron or Selena Gomez eagerly await the annual nationwide Disney Channel auditions. While most of these young talents have already established their names in school productions, local drama clubs and community theaters, many of them believe that it is only through casting calls spearheaded by… Read More »


Why Some Disney Child Actors Don’t Get Successful

One of the biggest achievements Disney child actors could reach is being recognized in Hollywood. After all, Hollywood is the best arena to start a career in, if it’s about movies and films. Hollywood is the highest pedestal that actors and actresses, young and old alike, can be in. Unfortunately, not all promising talents get there. Some… Read More »


How an Acting Class Can Help Your Child Ace a Disney Channel Audition

If aspiring child actors are always shy, there’s a big chance that that they won’t pass Disney channel audition. If this is the case, passing an audition would be a complete struggle. One of the ways you can help them is to enroll them in an acting class and let them take classes so they… Read More »


How You Can Help Your Child Deal with Rejection in Disney Channel Auditions

Disney child actors still have to deal with rejections and disappointments, no matter how talented they are. Rejection is one of the hardest things young aspiring actors have to deal with in the entertainment industry. Rejection is something no one wants to face, but avoiding criticism or aiming to be perfect is way too unreal.… Read More »


Ways to Prepare for a Disney Channel Audition

For anyone who is planning to try their luck at Disney Channel auditions, preparation is always an important element. It’s proven that not having enough practice causes potential candidates to fail to meet their objectives in talent auditions. That is why we have prepared a number of essential tips that will be of huge help for you or your kids… Read More »