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What You Need to Know About Disney Channel Auditions

Kids and teenagers who dream of becoming the next Zac Efron or Selena Gomez eagerly await the annual nationwide Disney Channel auditions. While most of these young talents have already established their names in school productions, local drama clubs and community theaters, many of them believe that it is only through casting calls spearheaded by… Read More »


10 of the Darkest Moments in Disney

Disney has earned itself a reputation, not only for using musically-gifted characters and for being the happiest place on Earth, but also for rewriting history, myths, and literature. Unlike in Brother’s Grimm Cinderella, where the wicked sisters forced to fit the silver slipper by cutting off their toes, they had their own version of the… Read More »


Walt Disney World Resort Casting Call for Male Look-Alikes

  Casting directors are seeking for male performers to portray famous Disney characters such as Tarzan and Gaston for the meet-and-greet portion, parades, and entertainment productions inside the Walt Disney World Resort. They are open to those who are looking for a full-time employment for a year in Orlando, Florida. You must be at least… Read More »


Walt Disney World Resort Casting Call for Dancers

  Walt Disney World Resort is prepping up for the holiday season this 2015, and casting directors are seeking male and female dancers of any ethnicity for the entertainment productions A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas! and Celebrate the Season. Selected talents must be at least 18 years of age and authorized to work in the United States.… Read More »


Casting Call for Hong Kong Disneyland Actresses

Casting directors are in need of actresses from Brisbane area to portray various Disney characters in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. They want to cast 4′ 11″–5′ 7″ female talents, at least 18 years old, who can act and who looks like a Disney princess or heroine in one of their animated films like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty… Read More »