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What You Need to Know About Disney Channel Auditions

Kids and teenagers who dream of becoming the next Zac Efron or Selena Gomez eagerly await the annual nationwide Disney Channel auditions. While most of these young talents have already established their names in school productions, local drama clubs and community theaters, many of them believe that it is only through casting calls spearheaded by… Read More »


Famous Celebrities Who Started from Disney Channel: Demi Lovato

Before she even got to where she is today, Demi Lovato was just this little kid hoping to kickstart an acting career through her Disney Channel auditions. With her efforts, she was eventually cast in the child-friendly show Barney & Friends. Now, she is noted as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after and award-winning performers. Despite the personal issues and… Read More »


How Kids Can Get Cast During Disney Channel Auditions

Attending any Disney Channel auditions can be a nerve-wracking experience. The fact that you’re going to face the bosses, the heads, and the casting directors of one of the biggest television networks in the world; there’s got to be lots of pressure. However, if you want to make it in the entertainment business as a… Read More »


Disney Channel Audition Advice from Disney Stars

  Many of Hollywood’s distinguished stars began their careers through Disney Channel auditions. However, even if they are already popular and in the spotlight, this does not mean that they have forgotten their humble beginnings. At one point in their lives, they were just these little kids who aspired to become stars someday. Unlike those… Read More »


Character Traits that Earned Our Fave Celebs Their Spots on Disney Channel

  As one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations, the Disney Channel produces a number of projects and events within a year. And, they don’t just stop there. They’re coming up with more and more of activities, which at the end of the day, helps aspiring actors and actresses break into the entertainment business, at… Read More »