Teen Auditions

Acting Tips for Teens

The town was filled with a buzz that teen auditions were coming around that month and they were looking for the next big sensation to appear in an Oreo commercial, or in the next big action adventure flick with The Roc or Robert DeNiro. No one was really sure, all they knew was that teen auditions were coming.

As part of a multi-pronged approach to snaring new talent, they rode into town, clipboards and highlighters in hand, ready to hold some serious teen auditions, the likes of which that town was sure to never forget. First came the teen auditions for national commercials, then international films. Even this was almost too much for some residents.

They complained and reported that there were teen auditions being held without a permit, and made calls to their councilperson claiming that the quality of life on their block and their house’s property values were being lowered by the ongoing presence of teen auditions in their neighborhood. All was forgiven though, when one local boy got a starring role opposite Harrison Ford in the upcoming addition to the Indiana Jones series.