Princess Shuri

Letitia Wright Steals the Show as Princess Shuri in ‘Black Panther’

Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster, Black Panther, struck gold at the holiday weekend box office. The film earned $242 million over the course of four days, making it well on its way to becoming one of Marvel Studio’s highest-earning films. Fans lined up to see Chadwick Boseman don the Black Panther suit while battling the critically acclaimed villain Killmonger played by Creed star Michael B. Jordan.

Although the entire cast was exceptional, it was Letitia Wright who unexpectedly stole the show with her portrayal of Princess Shuri, the techie princess of Wakanda and younger sister of Boseman’s T’Challa. Critics are loving Shuri as well, with many citing her as one of the groundbreaking characters in Marvel history.

Now how about we get to know the gorgeous actress behind this phenomenal character.

Shuri Black Panther Movie

Guyanese-British actress Letitia Wright made her film debut in the 2011 movie Victim. But fans across the pond may recognize her for her work in the fourth series of Black Mirror and Doctor Who. After the successful release of Black Mirror this weekend, Wright steps even closer to becoming a household name.

Wright’s character Shuri made her first comic book appearance in the May 2005 issue of Black Panther. She is the crowned princess of the fictional kingdom of Wakanda and is the daughter of T’Chaka. She is described as fierce, highly intelligent, and skilled in martial arts. Princess Shuri notably possesses more knowledge than fellow Marvel heroes, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.  Wright managed to bring all these qualities to life on the big screen, even managing to inject charm and humor into the character.

Black Panther

“It was fun. She tries to not rub it in your face, but then she kind of rubs it in your face,” Wright shared with reporters at the Black Panther premiere in New York. “It was cool to play an African princess who’s the smartest in the whole world. That never happens. So I hope all the young girls can feel smart too.”

Those familiar with Shuri’s origins know that she isn’t just a techie princess, she also proves herself worthy of becoming the next Black Panther. Her biggest comic book moment was when she assumed the role of the Black Panther to defend her kingdom when T’Challa was in a coma. Though there is no indication that movie Shuri will do the same thing anytime soon, fans can look forward to seeing the fearless princess in cinemas again this April for Avengers: Infinity War.