Famous Disney Channel Stars

Disney Channel Stars That Made a TV Comeback for 2016-2017

Those who grew up watching popular Disney shows know that these famous Disney Channel stars have played a big part in everyone’s childhood. So it is always a pleasure to learn about new projects coming their way especially if they’ve been absent from the limelight for years.

That said, 2016 has been quite a year for television and everybody can agree that what made it even better was the triumphant TV comebacks of these famous Disney Channel stars. From reboots to exciting spin-offs, here are Disney actors that returned to the small screen for seasons 2016–2017.

Famous Disney Channel Stars Returning to TV

1. Miley Cyrus, The Voice and Crisis in Six Scenes

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has never shied away from the camera since starring in Hannah Montana. She stirred a lot of controversies when she decided to be a lot more provocative with her music. Thankfully, Cyrus is toning things down for her big television comeback.

The Disney star recently appeared as a coach on NBC’s The Voice and is set to play a lead role in the highly anticipated Woody Allen television series Crisis in Six Scenes .

2. Vanessa Hudgens, Powerless

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has been making a name for herself on Broadway by playing the title role in the musical Gigi. She has also gone on to have multiple movies and musicals under her belt.

This coming February 2017, Hudgens will be making her return to TV with the NBC show Powerless, which is reportedly another spin-off from the DC universe. She will be playing the lead role, Emily Locke, an insurance adjuster working for Wayne Security.

3. Jared Padalecki, Gilmore Girls

Jared Padalecki

For those who don’t remember him, Jared Padalecki starred in the Disney Channel Original movie A Ring of Endless Light. He is mostly known for his role as Sam Winchester in the long-running series Supernatural. Padalecki is set to return onscreen for the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix.

4. Ashley Tisdale, untitled Young and Hungry spin-Off

Ashley Tisdale

Aside from starring in High School MusicalAshley Tisdale has also done Suite Life and Suite Life on Deck, making her one of the most well-known stars from Disney Channel to date. Over the years, Tisdale has been working behind the camera for Emily Osment‘s Freeform sitcom Young and Hungry. She is reportedly going to star in the show’s spin-off as the character Logan Rawlings.

5. Cole Sprouse, Riverdale

Cole Sprouse

Among the famous Disney Channel stars on this list, Cole Sprouse‘s return to television has to be the most buzzed about. The former Suite Life actor has taken a long break from the limelight ever since he and twin brother Dylan decided to pursue their respective degrees at NYU.

Sprouse is set to return on television as Jughead Jones. That’s right, the now 24-year-old actor dyed his hair black to play the iconic comic book character in its television adaptation. Riverdale will premiere on The CW this coming January.

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