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The Most Heartwarming Disney Channel Holiday Episodes

Disney Channel Holiday episodes are something that kids look forward to each year. There have been a number of great Christmas specials and many of which have featured top Disney Channel stars.

So to get you geared up for the season, here are some of the most hilarious and not to mention heartwarming Disney Channel Holiday episodes so far.

Best Disney Channel Holiday Episodes

Even Stevens: “Heck of a Hannukah”

Heck of a Hanukkah

The rest of the world fell in love with the Stevens family despite their unruly antics, so it was only fitting that their Christmas special would be as charming as it is chaotic. The ghost of Louis’s great-great-great-great-grandmother Bubbie Rose comes back to haunt him after the teen wishes he was never born. Not only did the episode give audiences a glimpse of the Stevens’s Jewish heritage, but it also captured the importance of being together with your family on a special holiday.

Liv and Maddie: “Fa-la-la-a-Rooney”


Cameron Dove is excellent in her role as both Liz and Maddie in the hit television series. For the annual Christmas special, Liv sings her heart out for the town’s Holiday show but is upstaged by a feisty and pint-sized opponent. Meanwhile, twin sister Maddie teams up with Pete to decorate the town Christmas tree.

Suit Life on Deck: “A London Carol”

A London Carol

Among the many Disney Channel Holiday specials on this list, “The Suite Life on Deck’s a London Carol” is probably the most sentimental. As the title suggests, the episode focuses on socialite London Tipton. When London refuses to share her gifts to the poor, her talking mirror takes her on a trip to her past, present, and future. By the end of the episode, London realizes that Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts, but more importantly it should be about giving to others in need.

Shake it Up: “Merry Merry It Up”

Merry Merry It Up

After CeCe picks a fight with Jeremy, CeCe’s mom, Georgia, is forced to break up with him. At first, CeCe feels happy about it, but after being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Dance, she begins to regret her actions and works on fixing what she’s done. Luckily, everything works out in the end, and the episode wraps up with a special performance of “Shake Santa Shake” by Zendaya.

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