Disney Channel Audition Success Stories - The Unofficial Story of Selena Gomez

Disney Channel Audition Success Stories – The Unofficial Story of Selena Gomez

As one of the hottest young stars in the entertainment industry now, Selena Gomez is one of the Disney Channel audition success stories worthy of emulation. At 21, she has grown into a multi-talented young woman who is holding her own fort when it comes to popularity and success in both acting and singing worlds. But, no one can forget how totally confident and adorable she was when she first auditioned in a Disney Channel nationwide casting call held at Austin, Texas at the age of 11.

Selena’s First Audition with Disney Channel

Selena's First Audition

Four years after she got into the Barney and Friends show at the age of seven, Selena went to Austin, Texas with her mom Mandy Teefeyto be part of Disney Channel’s nationwide auditions. The moment she spoke and answered the questions of the casting director, her confidence and spunk was immediately evident. The young girl was asked to do two sets of scenes to portray and she delivered them with a spontaneity and naturalness that belied her years. She was funny and convincing at the same.

Although there were times when you will see a glimpse of the young kid that she was, the 11-year old Selena showed a maturity not just in her talent at delivering her lines, but also in her behavior and how she carried herself. During her interview with the casting director after she delivered her audition lines, she revealed that she got her love for acting from her mom who used to do theatre in their hometown in Grand Prairie and sometimes in Houston or Austin. She recalled how she saw the Barney audition in one of her trips to accompany her mom to her rehearsals and how it was the first time she got booked without any acting experience or schooling.

A fan of such Disney Channel shows as Lizzie Maguire, That’s So Raven and Danny Phantom, Selena also revealed how she was just like any other kid no matter how lofty her dreams may have been. She told the casting doctor when she was asked what she liked to do in her free time when she was not acting that she liked hanging out with her friends and with her mom. She also shared that while she’d like to go to college, she’d like to develop her singing and acting career. For someone so young at that time, Selena certainly had steady head on her shoulders that already had an idea on where she wanted to go.

Below is the full video of Selena’s taped audition with Disney Channel in 2004:

Selena’s Journey to Disney Channel Stardom

The Success of Selena's Audition

Although Selena might have impressed the casting director with the natural way she delivered her lines during her audition, she did not immediately become a household name. She played a number of minor roles in movies and television shows until she got her break when she was got the role of Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007. While the young girl auditioned for the role three times and prepared for it for two years, everything she did paid off when she got cast for several television or film productions every year thereafter. These productions included her first animation Horton Hears a Who! in 2008, Another Cinderella Story with Drew Seeley in the same year and two Disney Channel Original Movies, Princess Protection Program, with real-life best friend Demi Lovato as well as Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie in 2009.

Selena's First Music Album

This was just the start for Selena Gomez. Now, with her latest album topping music charts and continuous film production jobs, there is no stopping for this petite yet powerful firehouse who got her start through a Disney Channel audition.

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