Disney Channel Couples

Ranking the Best Disney Channel Couples of All Time

Disney Channel couples have grown to become some of the most iconic pairs in pop culture. From the High School Musical couple to best friends-turned-lovers, this article narrows down the sweetest pairs in Disney Channel history. Find out if your favorite made it to the list below.

7 Disney Channel Couples That Made Us Swoon

7. Bailey and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck

Played by Debbie Ryan and Cole Sprouse

Bailey and Cody

It was great that Cody finally got bitten by the love bug in The Suite Life on Deck, and luckily it had to be with someone so similar to Maddie (Ashley Tisdale). Bailey was cute, dorky, and charismatic—which was a perfect fit for the often uptight Cody.

6. Raven and Devon, That’s So Raven

Played by Raven-Symone and Jonathan McDaniel

Raven and Devon

Among all the Disney Channel couples on this list, Raven and Devon had the most mature relationship. Their love was tested when Devon needed to move to Seattle, but they remained together despite the distance. The scene where they had to say good-bye in wedding attire was absolutely heartbreaking; however it was refreshing to see Disney depict the reality that come when diving into a new relationship.

5. Kim and Ron, Kim Possible

Voiced By Christy Carlson-Romano and Will Friedle

Kim and Ron

Kim and Ron have been friends since they were in preschool, so they have basically known each other their whole lives. The two officially became an item before going into senior year and have remained together ever since. Their love story was shrouded with a lot of ups and downs, most likely because of their opposite personalities. In the end, Kim and Ron remain to be one of the cutest Disney Channel couples of all time, despite being the only animated entry on this list.

4. Lilly and Oliver, Hannah Montana

Played by Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso

Lilly and Oliver

Even though Miley was the central character of Hannah Montana, she didn’t have the same level of chemistry with Jake Ryan as Lilly had with Ollie. The two adorable sidekicks started out as friends and slowly made the transition to lovers as the show progressed.

3. Phil and Keely, Phil of the Future

Played by Ricky Ullman and Alyson Michalka

Phil and Keely

It’s sad that audiences had to wait for the series finale to finally see Phil and Keely end up together, and to make matters worse, they only got to profess their love when Phil was slated to return to the future. Still, this doesn’t stop the two from being one the most memorable Disney Channel couples of all time.

2. Troy and Gabriella, High School Musical

Portrayed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Troy and Gabriella

Throughout their ups and downs, Troy and Gabriella remained to be East High’s golden couple. The two spanned a love story that lasted three movies, one of which had its big screen treatment. They sang together, danced together, and graduated together. Now if that isn’t #goals, then we don’t know what is.

1. Lizzie and Gordo, The Lizzie McGuire Show

Portrayed by Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg

Lizzie and Gordo

Lizzie and Gordo may have started the whole best friends-to-lovers trend among modern Disney Channel couples, and this alone is enough reason to make them the most iconic pair on this list. They finally got to confess their feelings for each other (in Rome!) in the Lizzie McGuire Movie, and even though a lot of people already saw that happening, it was still worth the wait. Besides, everyone has to admit that Gordo was perfect boyfriend material and every girl would be lucky to have someone like him in their lives.

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