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What Disney Channel Auditions Are Not

If you’re an aspiring actor or actress who wants to make it in the entertainment industry, you have to know what Disney channel auditions are and what they’re not. Keep in mind that you’re auditioning for the largest international entertainment company. Knowing what these auditions are not will help guide you during your audition.

The casting panels for Disney auditions arequite particular when it comes to the auditions they are heading. This is usually due to the fact that they are not only looking at your talent. They are also thinking if you are fit to be one of the Disney brand’s representatives. You will be judged according on the entire package you present to them.

Be at your best behavior and give your entire self during any Disney channel audition. When you give your all, you will be able to reap what you sow and get the role you aimed for. An audition and a role can be given through a casting director, a manager, an agent or else a producer of a Disney Channel show and evena Disney Channel executive.

Now, here are 6 things that Disney Channel auditions are not:

1. They are not paid.

Talent Search

An authentic Disney channel audition will not let you pay anything. However, there are talent resource agencies which have membership fees you need to pay to know about auditions for Disney Channel faster and easier.


2. These auditions are not coursed through fake or scam agencies.

You need to know that there are managers and agents who will make promises or claims to make you or your child an upcomingstar of Disney Channel. There will be fake agencies that will try to use the Disney channel name to scam you of your hard-earned money. You have to be able to distinguish agencies that only get your money without offering real results. The best decision is to go for those who are associated closely with Disney channel.


3. Disney auditions are not one-time casting sessions.

Casting Call

The auditions themselves involve multiple processes. Expect to wait in line for your turn and act out numerous lines or parts before the casting directors get satisfied. Even the Disney channel stars now went through a number of auditions before they got the spots they wanted, just like everyone else. The testing sessions are where the final choices are made.


4. A Disney audition is not an ordinary audition.

Importance of Auditions

Since Disney is not just an ordinary company, anticipatefor a tougher audition process.Also, all of the auditions will be videotaped. This means that every nuance you make will be seen not just by the casting panel but also the Disney executives who will watch the tapes at after all the auditions are done.


5. Even during auditions for kids and teens, the kids are not the only ones judged.

Performance on Stage

Parents are also observed the entire time. This is for the Disney Company to ensure that parents, especially the stage moms, are easy-to-work-with. They have a huge impact on their child’s career, so they need to be in their best behavior as well.


6. Auditions are not events where you can overdress or be too casual in your attire.

Dress Code on Auditions

Dress in clothes that you are comfortable in, but does not look sloppy because this will make you look like you don’t care. If you are asked to bring costumes for Disney Channel auditions, then make a point to ask what kind and comply with the instructions.

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