Tangled: Before Ever After

Rapunzel and the Gang Returns with ‘Tangled: Before Ever After’

Great news for Tangled fans! The long-haired heroine Rapunzel is set to return to the small screen for the show’s official sequel: Tangled: Before Ever After. The trailer for the upcoming television movie premiered last Friday, January 13, on Disney Channel.

Mandy Moore Returns to Voice Rapunzel for Tangled: Before Ever After

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Tangled made over $500 million in worldwide box office during its theatrical run in 2010. The movie was under production for six years and had one of the biggest film budgets throughout Disney history. The effort proved to be worth the risk as not only did Tangled score big in profit, but it was also nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Original Song.

The story is based on the fairy-tale story Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. It centers around a young princess who is born with magical hair. She is locked in a secluded tower and longs for a life beyond her daily routine. When she crosses paths with a thief, the unlikely pair are forced to work together to take her out into the world she thought she’d never venture to before.

Following Tangled‘s success, creators Nathan Greno and Byron Howard released a short animated film in 2012 entitled Tangled: Ever After, which focuses on the wedding of the two lead characters, Rapunzel and Flynn. 

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The newly announced TV movie Tangled: Before Ever After reportedly takes place in between the time of the original film and the animated short. It will also serve as a predecessor to the upcoming series, which is set to air on Disney Channel this year.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will return to play Rapunzel and Eugene, respectively. Other supporting characters such as Maximus and Pascal will also make their small screen debut. The musical scores of the series and movie will be produced by Tangled‘s original composer, Alan Menken.

The showrunners have also confirmed that a new character named Cassandra will be introduced to the cast with Broadway actress Eden Espinosa stepping in to voice over a character. While no concrete plot details have been released, the official trailer suggests that the story will reset the events of Tangled. 

Tangled: Before Ever After will premiere on Disney Channel this coming March 2017.

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