Short About a Little Dumpling

Pixar, Disney to Release New Short About a Little Dumpling

After the groundbreaking success of the animated film Coco, which raked in more than $700 million at the box office, Disney and Pixar are joining forces again for another film that is sure to inspire millions.

Short About a Little Dumpling Is Disney-Pixar’s Newest Collab Project

Pixar is about to release a new short, and it looks like this one’s going to be especially darling—and delectable.

Bao Movie Pixar Disney

The film that has a working title Bao is a short film about an aging Chinese-Canadian mother living in the Chinese community in the Great White North. When the woman’s children leave, loneliness envelops her. She continues to deal with the empty nest syndrome until one of her dumplings comes to life and she sees it as another chance to experience all over again how it is to take care of a child. But she later learns that everything in life, including the dumpling, grows and changes.

What makes Bao special is the fact that it represents a culture that is rarely talked about on the big screen. Bao is also set to make Pixar history, as it is the first short ever to be directed by a woman. Pixar has decided to place the fate of the film in the hands of storyboard artist Domee Shi, a child of Chinese immigrants in America.

Short About a Little Dumpling

Plans about the film first came about after Shi presented concept images at a studio-wide meeting, which moved her fellow Pixar employees. Shi started receiving e-mails from co-workers telling her how they identify with the mom and the dumpling character and some admitting they are dealing with the same thing.

And it’s not just them. As soon as the first few details about the film were released, the Internet had nothing but words of praise. Twitter users are delighted that the studio chose to have a woman direct the film. Some Chinese-Americans on the Web are also expressing their excitement over the upcoming film.

The seven-and-a-half-minute-long short about a little dumpling is scheduled for a summer release, expectedly before The Incredibles 2 hits theaters.