Aladdin the Musical

It’s a Whole New World: Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About ‘Aladdin the Musical’

If you grew up watching Disney’s Aladdin, then you might already know the lyrics of “A Whole New World” by heart. Even as an adult, the magical world of Aladdin has continued to fascinate everyone, and of course, who could ever forget the lovable Genie? While there is a live-action Aladdin in the works, you could catch an equally spectacular show . . . live!

Aladdin the Musical brings the timeless Disney classic to life in the most stunning way possible. There are sequin dresses, special effects, and awe-inspiring backdrops that you can’t help but marvel over. Aladdin the Musical was first introduced on Broadway theater, but it has now found its way to London’s West End and has been captivating audience ever since.

From the producer of stage musicals The Lion King and Mary Poppins, the beloved story of Aladdin is taken to brand-new heights in this musical comedy.  From facts about the exhilarating choreography to the show-stopping numbers, learn some interesting facts about Aladdin the Musical below.

5 Interesting ‘Aladdin the Musical’ Facts That Will Take You to a Whole New World

1. The soundtrack was penned by Alan Menken

Aladdin Soundtrack

Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken has an astounding eight Academy Awards to his name. He most recently produced the soundtrack for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie this year. For the Aladdin musical, Menken really placed his talents front and center. Other than the existing tracks from the original animated film, he integrated seven other “lost” songs that didn’t make the 1992 film, including “Proud of Your Boy” and “Somebody’s Got Your Back.”

2. The actor who plays Genie came from Broadway

Aladdin the Musical-Genie

The late Robbie Williams played the Genie like no other. And it’s safe to say that the celebrated comedian would have given Trevor Dion Nicholas a seal of approval for his portrayal of the iconic character on stage. Nicholas, an American stage actor, impressed as Genie on Broadway so much that Disney asked him to join the production when it came across the pond. Sure enough, Nicholas brought his A game to the role. Turns out, he’s been an Aladdin fan for a while, telling Digital Spy that he watched the film over and over again on VHS.

3. Jasmine needed to get used to riding the magic carpet

Aladdin and Jasmine

In the West End production, Jasmine is played by British actress Jade Ewen. Ewen admitted to Lorraine that riding magic carpet wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. “It’s a lot harder than you think it’s going to be,” the actress revealed on the talk show. “You’re sitting down and the carpet’s moving, so your stomach is tensing and relaxing. You’ve got to try and keep your voice smooth. But you get the hang of it.”

4. “Friend Like Me” is an eight-minute extravaganza on stage

Aladdin the Musical on Stage

When you hear the trumpet intro of “Friend Like Me,” you just can’t help but start dancing. Well, here’s some good news for fans of the song: “Friend Like Me” is transformed into a visually stunning masterpiece complete with Disney classic songs sneakily inserted in the lyrics. You can hear the Broadway recording online, but the live experience is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Fun fact: the Broadway and West End performance of “Friend Like Me” is always met with a standing ovation!

5. Aladdin the Musical uses over 300 costumes

Aladdin the Musical Casts

To be exact, the production has a total of 337 costumes. Wow, that’s a lot of costume changes! In one particular scene that lasts under four minutes, there are 24 actors wearing 71 different outfits on stage. As stated above, expect to see a load of sequins in the costumes. Over two million Swarovski crystals were utilized by the costume department, making every single costume dazzle with them. One particular costume worn by the Genie, a pair of golden trousers, is adorned with a staggering 1,428 crystals!