frozen 2 breaks records

Disney’s Frozen 2 Breaks Records at the Box Office

Frozen II, the much-awaited sequel to the iconic Frozen movie, broke box-office records when it opened in theaters, earning a massive $127 million in its opening weekend. It was revealed to be the biggest opening ever for an animated movie released in November. It performed better than the original Frozen movie, which was a blockbuster hit back in 2013, earning over $93 million over Thanksgiving weekend. By Friday, it was reported that the sequel had earned over $100 million worldwide, which was not a surprise since fans all over the world had been wildly anticipating the sequel for more than six years.


Frozen II’s performance at the box office was a much-needed shot in the arm to the lackluster box office, which had been struggling as of late with weak releases like Doctor Sleep, Charlie’s Angels, and Terminator: Dark Fate. It gained the number one status at the worldwide box office in every territory and even breaking records in some of them. In China, for instance, it gained the record of having the third-highest opening of all time for an animated release. While in the UK and France, it was the highest opening of all time for animated movie. All in all, the movie was released in over 37 market internationally and earned $223 million total. It gained a worldwide cume (domestic and international) of around $350 million, just for the first week alone.


In its second week, it still owned the box office and toppled any competition. And it wasn’t through with breaking records yet. The movie earned an estimate of $85.2 million in the next weekend, beating the record previously held by the Jennifer Lawrence–led movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which earned $74.1 million during Thanksgiving weekend in 2013. Frozen II went on to earn a total of $123.7 million during the five-day Thanksgiving weekend, which was another record, beating Catching Fire’s $110 million gross over the same period in 2013. The sequel has now earned the distinction of earning $288 million in the domestic market and $739 million worldwide. 


Critics and industry experts alike have put forward a lot of theories as to why Frozen II performed so strongly, despite the commonly held perception that sequels to box-office hits become flops. The foremost reason was said to be the affection that movie audiences in general held for the first movie. In this day and age, animated movies come and go, but Frozen was the movie that fully captured the imagination of a generation, and even that of their parents and older audiences all around. Because of this affection that they have for the first movie, their anticipation for the sequel slowly built up, ever since it was announced that there would be one. Once the movie was released, audiences flocked to the movie theaters to catch a glimpse of the magic that the original Frozen has to them. And for the most part, they were not disappointed, if we were to gauge it by how they responded with their hard-earned money and made Frozen II one of 2019’s major blockbusters.