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Frequently-Asked-Questions About Disney Channel Auditions

Succeeding in Disney Channel auditions entails you to be knowledgeable not just about the entire audition process, but about Disney in general. From Disney Channel or Disney original movies to Disney singers and record labels to Disney characters and princesses, you have to be well-informed about everything. You should research about the latest Disney Channel series and most popular Disney Channel stars so you can answer every question that might be thrown at your during auditions.

Learn from Selena Gomez’s interview during her very first Disney audition. It was apparent that the young Selena loved Disney, so she was able to answer the Disney casting director’s questions without second guessing herself.

The first few questions were about her personal information and she was able to relate everything to her acting career. Then, when she was finally asked about Disney, she was able to answer as honestly and candidly. If you really want to be part of Disney, then you should gather some insights from Selena’s audition video.

Apart from studying Selena Gomez’s audition, you must also have your own thing on how to succeed with your Disney Channel auditions. Here are additional questions you may find useful in your quest to learn more about casting calls for Disney. Although you need to research more, information such as Disney audition venues, phone numbers and agents are generally available online.

For questions that you may have about Disney Channel auditions, you will find some that may be related to them and their corresponding answers below:


Q: What to do to get auditions for Disney Channel?

A: You need to visit the Disney headquarters in Burbank, California. Once there, you will have to get a schedule for an open audition or get a meeting with their VP of casting. If not, you will have to wait for a casting call or open audition in your local area.

Q: How can you audition for Disney roles?

A: If you wish to audition for a Disney original movie or TV show, you need to audition at Disney production offices or at the Disney/ABC Television Group. They have offices in LA and New York.

Q: How do you find Disney Channel auditions?

A: There are many online sources that could provide you with information regarding Disney Channel auditions. You can also go to talent resource sites like, which provides thousands of such auditions every day. All you need to do is create a profile on their site and you will be able to send resumes to auditions and casting calls easily. You will also be emailed when there are auditions that match your profile or preferences.

Disney Channel Auditions

Q: What do you have to do at a Disney Channel audition?

A: You will need to cold-read or act out a script they give to you upon registration. Somebody from the casting panel or sometimes, the casting director herself, will usually read the lines with you. Once you are done with this, you will have to go through an interview where you will be asked questions regarding your personal information or about Disney.

If you are what you are looking for, they will inform your agent if you got the part you were auditioning for. This will then signal the start of your Disney journey, which will entail being a “guest star” on their shows and being groomed further before they will give you a chance to be series regular or be in one of the original Disney movies.

Benefits of SAG-AFTRA

Q: What to prepare before going to Disney Channel auditions?

A: The best way to land auditions for Disney Channel is to be signed with a licensed talent agency. You also need to live in the Los Angeles area, as that is where almost every Disney Channel show is filmed.

It is also best if you will join the (SAG-AFTRA). This is a good move to make since all of Disney Channel’s productions are under AFTRA jurisdiction. More information can be found on the SAG-AFTRA website.

Getting into auditions can be quite hard. It needs a lot of research, preparation and hard work. But, if you are well-versed about Disney Channel auditions and their processes, then you have a better chance of getting a successful outcome.

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