Star Wars: Resistance

Disney to Launch ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ This Fall

Star Wars: Rebels just ended, but it looks like Disney has no plans of making us wait too long for the next Star Wars animated series. Just recently, the studio announced another show is set to make its force known: Star Wars: Resistance.

Here’s everything we know so far about the highly anticipated animated show Star Wars: Resistance.

Disney Reveals ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Animated Series

Disney has recently announced that Star Wars: Resistance has officially begun production. It’s the channel’s newest gift for Star Wars fans—who probably have not gotten over the last animated series yet, Star Wars: Rebels, which ended just last March 5.

Disney Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance is expected to center around the events that led to The Force Awakens. A young pilot named Kazuda Xiono will be the main focus of the new Star Wars show. Kazuda Xiono is the newest recruit on the Resistance infantry, the military force created by Princess Leia. The new Resistance trooper is tasked to spy on the First Order on a mission that is tagged a top secret.

The cast of the film has recently been revealed, and it’s an ensemble everyone can expect to deliver. Star Wars: Resistance will feature the voices of Christopher Sean, Scott Lawrence, Donald Faison, Bobby Moynihan, Suzie McGrath, Jim Rash, Josh Brener, Myrna Velasco, and Rachel Butera.

The success of Star Wars: Rebels and its strong four-season run is mainly thanks to the creative mind of Dave Filoni. So people can trust that Resistance will be as great, if not even greater, as Filoni is also the creator of the animated series. Asked about the show, Filino revealed that it was inspired by his interest in the Second World War aircraft and fighter pilots.

Resistance will stream on Disney Channel starting this fall, and although it will be released via a different platform, just like its predecessors, it is expected to garner millions of viewers.