Disney Releases First Trailer of ‘Frozen 2’

Nine months prior to its debut in cinemas, Disney has released the trailer of the 2013 blockbuster’s sequel. And in the period of the first 24 hours, the trailer has earned a record-breaking 116.4 million views on YouTube—the biggest number ever for an animated trailer. The record viewership is probably because of the surprise nature of the announcement and the strategic time of its release. Uploaded at 6:00 AM, fans of all ages had the entire day to watch, rewatch, and share Frozen 2‘s intriguing visual treat.

Disney Releases Frozen 2 Trailer

Frozen 2 Trailer

The teaser trailer opens with a determined Elsa struggling to freeze or cross a stormy sea. Not a single line of dialogue or hint of the upcoming plot was revealed, so the fans as of now are all over the comments section and shared posts, coming up with all the theories they can think of. One thing is for sure though: the animation is now as realistic as it gets.

A Darker Tone

Fans have a feeling the Snow Queen musical adaptation will take us to a whole new light, and this time, it might be a darker coming-of-age fantasy adventure. The crisp visuals present beautiful autumn, but foreboding music signals that all is not well. Anna tries to cross dangerous-looking rocks. Flames engulf Elsa and Olaf. Kristoff races through the forest on his reindeer, Sven, together with a herd of several reindeer. Anna watches with worry as strange floating diamonds hover outside the castle. What could be threatening the kingdom of Arendelle this time?

Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer

Big Shoes to Fill

The sequel is set to release this November, but it has big shoes to fill. The award-winning 2013 film made more than $1 billion worldwide, making it the biggest-grossing animated feature. Will the songs be as phenomenal as the latter? Will the kids beg their parents for new dolls sporting the new outfits? Get ready for an exciting Thanksgiving week this year to find out, and join our heroes and heroines as they venture far away from Arendelle.