Coco Sets Box Office

Disney’s ‘Coco’ Sets Box Office Record Ahead of US Release

Disney’s newest musical fantasy film Coco sets box office record even before it hits US theaters.

Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar had a hit on their hands when the concept for Coco was born. The latest 3-D computer-animated fantasy has already managed to make box office history ahead of its United States release. Coco was initially released in Mexico last October 20, a week before the annual Día de los Muertos [Day of the Dead] festival. The film had its premiere at the Morelia Film Festival where it managed to earn an astounding 824 million pesos—$43.1 million when converted to US currency—in just 19 days.

Disney and Pixar’s Animated Feature Coco Sets Box Office Record in Mexico

Disney and Pixar's Coco Movie

While Coco‘s box office success in Mexico isn’t too unexpected, the movie did exceed the studio’s expectations. Coco is set in Mexico during the country’s Día de Los Muertos holiday. It centers around a young boy named Miguel, a music lover who finds himself in the middle of an epic journey to the Land of the Dead. There, he learns more about his family’s history as well as other traditions about the Mexican holiday.

The movie is filled with lively musical numbers composed by Michael Giacchino, who did the musical score for Disney films Star Wars: Rogue One, Inside Out, Zootopia, and Spiderman: Homecoming. Working with Giacchino are other renowned composers such as Germaine Franco, Adrian Molina, and Frozen‘s Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez. Coco is directed by Toy Story‘s Lee Unkrich.

Coco Movie

Coco also features a talented cast of Mexican voice actors, something that Disney has been meticulously committing to lately. Anthony Gonzalez voices the lead character, Miguel. Acting alongside him are Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, and Ana Ofelia Murguia.

Last Wednesday, Coco managed to surpass another Disney film, 2012’s The Avengers, to become the country’s highest-grossing film in history.

While the movie has yet to be released in the United States until November 22, it is already expected to have a good run in the box office, not just in the US but also in other parts of the world. Coco was also a hit among critics who got an advanced screening of the film. On the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, Coco currently holds a 96% rating, citing “universal acclaim.” This puts Coco a pedestal higher than 2016’s Finding Dory, which got a 90% approval rating and earned over $1 billion in bix office worldwide.