Disney Channel Auditions Guidelines

A Guide for Parents About Auditions for Disney Channel

Auditions for Disney Channel require parents like you to be open-minded about the real deal of getting into the entertainment world. Whether it is your own idea or your teenager’s choice to enter into this fun yet chaotic business, you have to think about the advantages and risks of joining show business.

The Truths about Auditions

1. Tons of competitors will be auditioning for the role.

Your child will not be the only present during the audition. So, if you’re not the competitive type, you better be one now. Nothing will happen to your child’s career if you don’t show effort and support to it. Start by looking for an agent or agency to represent your child during auditions.

2. Representation like an agent or agency will be required.

Talent Agents

Look for agent or agency over the internet. The online medium is filled with so much information regarding auditions and casting calls, so you will find agents willing to take your child on their wings.

3. You will be spending money on headshots.


Only go for photography agencies that specialize in headshots. Headshot photographers can be quite expensive, but very good with their job. Known photographers have an edge, since they already know how to captivate the eyes of casting directors through your child’s images. An excellent headshot will get casting directors to spend seconds on your child’s headshot and lead his or her eyes to read your child’s resume or take a look at your child’s demo reel, if available.

4. Legal papers have to be done.

Processing your child’s working papers is a must. You need to help your kid work out his union papers, as these are important for your child’s future credibility as an actor or performer.You need to understand though that you have to pay union dues as well.

5. Be available during auditions.

Actors on Stage

Never be too busy to attend your child’s auditions. If you are booked by your talent agent for an audition, be there for your child. This is required especially if your child is below his teenage years. Your child needs not only financial support, but also emotional support.

6. Know your son or daughter well.

Whenever tantrums take place, have an immediate action plan for this. You have to know your child to be able to calm him or her down. When your child throws a fit at you during the audition day, the casting directors will love to see how you can handle your child.

7. Be approachable.

Be civil enough to smile and acknowledge other parents on auditions. Do not be a snob or show attitude by ignoring them. You will not want to be treated the same way, right? Also, you will need these acquaintances in the future.

8. Unless asked to prepare a dialogue, do not practice with your kid in the audition venue.

Music Lovers

Practicing your child during the audition day will make the casting director think you’re a burn out. This will make you and your child look bad during audition. Not because you can practice means you will do it.

9. Move on immediately to the next audition.

Learning How to Audition

After your child’s performance, you must immediately leave the premises. Do not think too much but just congratulate your son or daughter for finishing the audition. Don’t expect too much, just keep yourself busy with the next audition you and your child will be scheduled to go to.

To protect the welfare of your son and daughter, only go for an agency which is credible and trustworthy. An online talent resource management may help you find the best auditions including those for Disney Channel.

An agent or an agency online will ensure of getting convenient and fast means to get auditions and casting calls. With the growing numbers of competitors in the entertainment business every year, you will feel that you will be outdated to use the customary means of getting auditions.

Now, with the use of the internet, online talent agencies utilize an entertainment-based platform which can be link to your child’s member profile. Taking advantage of the benefits of this new method of getting more auditions will be very helpful for your child’s career. Parents like you will never have to worry about bringing your child door-to-door to any talent agency’s quarters. Finding auditions for Disney Channel will not be that difficult anymore.

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