Disney Cruise Line Now Casting Vocalists

Casting directors are in need of various vocalists to depict various Disney characters and perform in the entertainment productions, which will be held on their luxury cruise liners.

Apart from the competitive pay that you will be receiving for the entire duration of your 12-month contract, they will also provide selected talents with board and lodging, guest sailing privileges, and additional benefits package. In the event that you finish your contract, you will receive a completion bonus.

To meet their demands, they are opening auditions for the role of Rapunzel. They require a 5′ 5” female actress in her early 20s with a mix belt. You must possess a natural and genuine innocence but with a strong personality as you will be portraying someone who is beautiful, bold, spirited, smart, and adventurous.

For the role of Flynn Rider, they want to cast a good-looking actor with a well-built physique and a great sense of humor and charm. You should be at least 5′ 10” tall and in your early 20s. You must also have the voice quality of a baritone.

Meanwhile, they want to cast a female vocalist with a strong belt to portray the character of Mother Gothel, Rapunzel’s superficial mother, who has a very serious and strict persona with a haughty wit. They are searching for those who are in their 30s to early 40s.

A quick-witted improvisation and comedic actor is also needed for the part of Hades. Talent should be at least 25 years of age and at least 5′ 11”. You must be a rock tenor to a G to qualify for the role.

Furthermore, the character of Ursula is available for an actress in her 30s who has a strong belt to D. The applicant should be comfortable performing in a huge amount of crowd.

They are also seeking talents to fill in the roles of the Stabbington Brothers and the village thugs. Twenty- to thirty-nine-year-old comic actors and singers with a tough physique and an intimidating aura are welcome to audition for the parts.

Also, the role of Jafar/Scar calls for an African comedic actor in his 30s who possesses tall, lean, and sexy traits. Vocal quality must be a bass or baritone with a strong falsetto, as you will be asked to sing “Be Prepared” with a rock concert approach.

Casting directors also need an African female soloist to sing the “Circle of Life.” You must be in your 20s to 30s with a rich, soulful, high gospel belt.

Lastly, they will be hiring a fit and trim female powerhouse singer in her early 20s for the part of Elsa, the young, confident, and graceful queen who holds herself with strength and regality.

Should you be interested to try out for the roles mentioned above, you can come in to audition at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 19, 2015.

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Disney Cruise Line Now Casting for Vocalists

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