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Casting Call for Hong Kong Disneyland Performers


Casting producers are seeking talents to be the male and female vocalists in Melbourne area for several productions, which will be staged in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Aside from the salary and the once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel to one of the world’s mesmerizing spots, you will also receive benefits such as roundtrip airfare, individual housing with paid utilities, shuttle service for work transportation, medical and dental coverage, paid vacations and sick days, and daily allowance.

They want singers who have a vibrant and vivid charisma and stage presence. All of the talents must have a strong upper body.

They are currently offering the role of Merida to a 5′ 5”–5′ 8” female singer. Your vocal range should be from A below middle C to C# (octave above middle C).

Meanwhile, they are also looking for someone who can play both the roles of Rapunzel and Elsa. You must have a height of 5′ 6”–5′ 9” with a G-below-middle-C-to-E (10th above middle C) voice.

Another talent is sought who can depict either Ariel or Elsa. You must stand within the height range of 5′ 6”–5′ 9′. You should also be able to hit G below middle C to E (10th above middle C).

Lastly, the character of Tiana is available. Those who want to apply must be at least 5”–5′ 8” and must have a vocal range of G below middle C to E (10th above middle C).

For the Festival of Lion King, four roles are open for application. They are looking for a male pop soprano who moves well to play Simba, the little prince and the heir of the king’s throne. Also, they want a male baritone to portray Scar, the evil and traitor uncle of Simba. You must have a menacing presence to qualify for the part.

The vacant slot for the role of Nala, the beautiful African princess, requires a female who is a pop soprano. You must also know how to dance. They also need a female storyteller who has a soulful pop alto voice.

For the Welcome Wagon Show, the role for Miss Kitty is available for any singer, actress, and street performer who moves well and has a brassy alto voice (strong G below middle C to C or C#). The character that you will be playing is a sultry and strong-willed owner of a local saloon in the gold-mining town of Grizzly Gulch.

Also note that selected talents will be working in Hong Kong Disneyland, so make sure that you are willing to relocate to Hong Kong in September 2015 for the entire duration of your contract which will span for six to nine months.

If you match the criteria above and if you accept the terms stated above, you can attend their audition on May 30, 2015, at 9:00 a.m.



Casting Call for Hong Kong Disneyland Performers

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