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Why Some Disney Child Actors Don’t Get Successful

One of the biggest achievements Disney child actors could reach is being recognized in Hollywood. After all, Hollywood is the best arena to start a career in, if it’s about movies and films. Hollywood is the highest pedestal that actors and actresses, young and old alike, can be in.

Unfortunately, not all promising talents get there. Some can’t even handle the pressure. That’s how difficult the road to the top is. But why does this exactly happen to them? What are the factors that can affect an aspirant’s journey to a spot in Hollywood?

To be honest, there could be a number of underlying reasons that can lead to their defeat. Here, we will tackle some of these so we could try to understand why some child actors don’t get successful.

1. They are getting no support from their parents.

Lack of Support

Having someone to guide them is very important. Someone needs to assure them that they will be there for them whatever happens. Parents should be at the front line, giving their kids undying support.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where parents just leave their young actors to do things on their own. As a result, they end up committing mistakes. Lack of guidance also causes young children to do bad things. Without parents or guardians, child actors won’t last and won’t make it in the industry.

2. Their parents simply cannot aid them.


Sometimes, parents have no idea about what they should do to help their kids succeed in their chosen career, regardless of how supportive they may be. There are times when parents are incapable of supporting their child simply because they don’t have much knowledge about the industry. Parents often think that they could only bring their kids down if they interfere with their child.

3. They suddenly lose all of the attention in which they are used to.


Young stars are normally followed by admirers and avid fans. People would be shouting their names and run toward them whenever they show up in public places. They also get messages coming from their supporters, and they often receive gifts.

Attention is nice and everything, but it could also lead them to their downfall. Once they lose all of their fans and their fame comes to an end, they would certainly long for the same experience. Instead of focusing on improving their skills, they would seek the love they once had and the affection they received from the people.

4. They encounter sexual exploitation.

False Promises

Child actors are very vulnerable because of their young age. People abuse their little minds by taking advantage of their innocence and how easily they can be fooled by false promises. They often lose control of their own body and become victims of hideous acts like being a sex object and being molested. As a result, they end up becoming violent and hostile to everyone.

5. Even if they have to, they simply couldn’t rebel.

Lack of Happiness

Since children are growing, they will be exposed to different kinds of activities. There are lots of parties and different evening gigs. Basically, going to these events is fine, but it depends on how they handle themselves. If they want to do things their way, they have to be careful with whom they go out with. If they want their name to be protected, they have to be mindful of their actions.

6. They have no idea what they’re doing.

Forced by Parents

Let’s face it. Kids will always be kids. So it’s only natural for them not to have sufficient knowledge about a lot of things because they probably just want to have fun all day. They simply think that there is nothing else for them to do aside from acting, so they shut their minds off from the idea of learning new things.

7. No matter how hard they try, their fate has been sealed and is inescapable.


The pressure of being a young actor is very big. Especially if acting isn’t truly what the child wants to do. There are times that they are forced to live a predetermined life—a life where everything is already planned for them, the kind of life where what they want doesn’t matter,  and a life that is against their will. Ultimately, some think of other ways to escape what is in store for them because they couldn’t handle the pressure.

There is no guarantee as to what Disney child actors can encounter in the entertainment industry. Aspiring talents just have to prepare themselves for whatever may come their way. Once they realize and understand the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world even if they fail, they can use their newfound knowledge to their advantage as they grow and deal with different people.

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A marketing writer for several years, I have recently shifted my focus into entertainment. I have been working as a freelance writer for Explore Talent for more than a year now.

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