Expectation from a Disney Channel Audition

Heading to Your First Disney Channel Audition? Here’s What to Expect

Hollywood is a lucrative industry. In fact, it has to be the most profitable one around. For those who wish to make a name for themselves in Tinseltown, you need to start with the basics: heading to an audition.

Casting directors don’t just go knocking on a talent’s door these days. Most aspiring actors head to auditions themselves and see if they have a shot at it. Go ask Selena Gomez, the Sprouse twins, Demi Lovato, and Zac Efron. They may now be the most sought-after personalities in Hollywood, but this talented bunch got their start with the help of Disney Channel.

Disney Channel has been known to be the stepping stone for a lot of now-famous performers. Other than the popular names mentioned above, actors like Zendaya and Shia LaBeouf also kick-started their career in the House of Mouse. So if you happen to be setting your eyes on the next Disney Channel audition, read the guide below so you’d know what to expect from a Disney Channel audition.

What to Expect from a Disney Channel Audition

Familiarizing yourself with what might greet you when you step inside the audition hall is part of the preparation process. You don’t fight in a war you know nothing about, after all. So to better prepare yourself before trying it out for a role in a Disney Channel project, below are what to expect from a Disney Channel audition.

Disney Channel Cast

There are two different kinds of casting directors

  • In-house casting directors. In-house casting directors are responsible for auditioning actors who already have extensive experience in the industry. In other words, they have the crucial task of auditioning starring roles for regular television series or Disney Channel original movies. The senior vice president for casting and talent relations in Disney Channel is Judy Taylor. Taylor has discovered the likes of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. So if you see her or other established names at your next casting event, you know a starring role is up for grabs!
  • Freelance casting directors. Freelance casting directors scour the country for extras and other supporting roles. But it isn’t exactly new to see them holding for known actors as well. If you find out that a freelance casting director is assigned to the event, don’t be discouraged! Everyone has to start somewhere, and this might be a great opportunity to build up your résumé.

What are casting directors looking for?

Casting Session

There is a 100 percent chance that the casting director will be looking for someone with experience. Sure, the casting call may have indicated that they’re looking for newbies, but it never hurts to have nonprofessional experience on your résumé. This includes community theater, school plays, and even acting camps.

Other than acting experience, it is important that you’ve received training from acting and singing coaches as well. Honing your skills with a reputable coach has its own advantages. For instance, coaches could network you with top casting directors or with upcoming auditions around your area. This alone should make signing up with an acting or singing coach well worth the venture.

What are my chances of getting cast?

Disney Cast

Getting cast on a Disney Channel production depends on how proactive you are. Research the current casting directors for upcoming Disney shows ahead of time. You can add a short note with details about yourself along with your picture and résumé. Always keep your lines open in case they respond!

Knowing what to expect from a Disney Channel audition is a great help, but to ace it requires you to do more than that. A Disney Channel audition is definitely a challenge that needs a lot of hard work and persistence. But as long as you remain positive and focused, all hard work will pay off.