What Every Disney Acting Auditionee Should Know

When someone says “children’s television,” oftentimes, Disney Channel (originally carries the name The Disney Channel from 1983–1997) is what pops up to everyone’s mind. Of course, actors of all ages dream of becoming a Disney Channel star, but just like any other Hollywood gigs in the world, acing a Disney audition is a tough one because there is some serious competition when it comes to landing a Disney role.

There are a few ways an aspiring actor or actress can get on a show on Disney Channel, and we listed them all for you.

Be a Production Assistant

Production Assistant

One way is to get a job as a production assistant (PA) on one of the shows. Being a production assistant is usually a non-paying job but requires you to handle a lot of work. The PA is in charge of all the things the producer, directors, and actors are too busy to do. For example, getting lunch, cleaning up messes, and delivering scripts. It’s a lot of work, but this job puts you on set with your favorite Disney Channel stars! It also gets your face out there. If you work hard, do a few handshakes, do some favors, stay out of people’s way, and follow directions, you can earn the respect of some major TV executives; and this, in turn, can help get you a better job or even a role on an upcoming Disney show!

These types of staff jobs can be found on the Disney job opening boards or on Auditions.com.

Get a Job in Disney Ships and Parks

Cruise Ship Job

Another fun way to go about getting a job on a Disney show is to get employed in one of their cruise ships or theme parks. We know what you’re saying, “How does a theme park job or a gig on a cruise ship get me on a TV show?” Well, think about it. It’s all from Disney, after all! Simply having Disney as your employer name anywhere on your résumé can boost your chances of securing a spot in the Disney World!

Follow Rules Strictly Once You’re Hired

So let’s say you make it. You got a gig on a Disney channel show. What’s next? Well, you still have to remember a few rules.

1. Pay respect.

Rules and Regulations

The number one rule in show business and on any set is to be respectful! Respect everyone you come in contact with at your audition, at your callback, on set, and afterwards. Reputation is everything in Hollywood, and one bad move or offending the wrong person can end your acting career before it even begins. Smile, have good manners, and always be grateful for every opportunity.

2. Be prepared.

Preparations Once You Are Hired

Also, make sure you are prepared! Being on the set of a major television show can come with a lot of pressure. There are lights, cameras, producers, directors, hair, makeup, and the audience! It could come at you quickly. The best way to remain calm is to have fun with it! You earned your spot there, and you did it with your talent. Don’t get shy once you’re at the finish line. It’ll just put the entire audition to waste. Laugh, meet new friends, and remember that you belong there just as much as everyone else does!

3. Keep a good behavior.

After you’ve wrapped, always say “thank you” to everyone you come in contact with. If you are a pleasure to work with, they will keep you in mind for future projects and even recommend you to their producer or writer friends for their future projects! One good gig could open the door to so many amazing opportunities in the acting world, so make sure you are armored with the best behavior.

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