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Voice Projection Tips for Disney Child Actors

For Disney child actors, projecting your voice has to be done properly. If they wish to convey a strong message, the mere use of words won’t be enough. In order for the audience to really feel the message, child actors have to add and show emotions.

If their voices are monotonous, they will fail to bring the message and the character to life. A voice can be an effective tool for communication, especially if it is accompanied with the right tone.

However, it’s not really necessary for actors to be very expressive to the point that they do it in their daily lives. In an informal conversation, the use of a friendly tone of voice is already sufficient so that they are able to relay the message properly and that they are understood by friends and colleagues.

We have prepared a list of simple steps that will effectively help young actors convey messages in a friendly manner.

1. Disney child actors try to envision the sound of a friendly voice.

Friendly Voice

So how exactly does a friendly voice sound like? A friendly voice can be done by speaking in a clear, confident, and natural way. Speaking from the heart is one of the best ways to give off a friendly tone of voice. In a typical conversation, a friendly voice also gives people the assurance that they can rely on you and that you are trustworthy.

It is very important to prepare for your role, especially if you are assigned a character with a friendly personality. In order to do so, you need to learn it in any way that you can. Try observing your favorite actor/actress and listen to how they speak.

Take note of their facial expressions. Listen to them as they deliver their lines in a friendly tone. Body language also plays a huge role because it makes your tone even more believable, so take note of that too.

2. Use a recorder to listen to yourself as you speak.

Voice Recording

For Disney child actors recording yourself and listening to your voice and taking notice of how you utter words is another way to practice. Grab your recording device, then look for something to read, like a book or a newspaper. While recording, also try to speak normally as much as possible.

3.  Observe yourself while speaking.


Another note for Disney child actors is to watch your facial expressions as you speak in front of the mirror. Pay close attention to the movement of your mouth, along with your emotions. As you speak each line, take note of your body language. You can effectively deliver lines in a friendly tone once you get the harmony down and you’re able to successfully synchronize your voice and body language.

4. Try to determine the features you should work on.


You’ll be able to identify the aspects that need further improvement by simply observing yourself. For example, it might come as a shock that you sound quite different once you listen to your recorded voice. But don’t let it bother you too much. What you need to do is to keep on practicing until you get the right tone and maintain the same.

5. Take heed and analyze the problems once they arrive.


Actors and actresses have problems that they will encounter on their way to success. Sometimes, these problems make it difficult for them to efficiently deliver their lines. Therefore, once they notice these problems, the best course of action is to correct them as soon as possible.

For example, to put emphasis on certain points, there are times when an actor lowers or raises his pitch. However, they sometimes fail to use the right tone, particularly in depicting the role of a friendly person.

Oftentimes, aside from the pitch, gaps are also taken for granted. If you don’t pause while speaking, that will only make people feel awkward. Truth be told, what gives people a perception of authority is by talking in a calm tone with adequate pauses. They also appreciate an actor who talks in that kind of way.

6. Practice is extremely important.

Practice and Practice

You have to be careful not to sound fake while practicing. You need to find a sense of balance in the tone of voice and make it pleasant to the ear. You can also seek guidance from a voice coach, if you find it impossible to improve it by yourself.

You will learn a lot about the strength of diction, proper breathing, and voice, which will ultimately lead to your improvement. A voice coach can really aid you, so go ahead and seek for their help without having any second thoughts.

If Disney child actors would want to efficiently speak in a friendly tone, they have to keep a genuine smile on their face. They also need to take care of their voice. Taking breaks in between practice and getting enough time to rest is also very important. As child actors, it’s critical that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard because you still have so much to learn. Just keep at it, and the rest will eventually follow.

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