Tips to Remember When Going to a Disney Channel Audition

Tips to Remember When Going to a Disney Channel Audition

The best way for you to get to any Disney Channel auditions is to have a talent agent. However, since you are still young, it will be best to familiarize everything that relates to your chosen craft so that you will not end up pressured and confused. But you must not pressure yourself just because you see that your favorite Disney artists have multiple skills and talents. You can always work on them in the long run.

Below are some tips that can be reckoned over if you wish to be noticed in the audition.

Be Fully Prepared

Disney Channel audition

There are better chances of getting signed with an agent if you have prepared with you a headshot and a résumé. They would also prefer those who have attended workshops and training. By doing all of these, directors and agents would assume that you are very serious and passionate about what you are doing.

If you think you have sufficient cash to pay for private singing and dance lessons, then go ahead and do it. But if the budget is too tight, you can join any local theater group. Doing all of these would account for an exposure. Once you are noticed, agents would probably contact you. However, you have to bring with you your parents when you are going to meet them.

Continue to Excel

In the meantime that you are not endorsed for any auditions, it would be best to work on your skill. You may try practicing some monologues that you like the most. If possible, you can work on them together with your acting coach. You must remember that these monologues must reflect on your abilities and skills. Thus, you have to give it your best and avoid committing mistakes.

Maintain Professionalism

Professionalism in Auditions

Whenever you are not yet called for auditions, you will just have to wait. But if you are asked to join one, you have to be professional. You have to come on time and always be polite. When you are through with the audition, you have to say thank you for the opportunity and for their time.

Be Open-Minded and Resilient

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Normally, the agents and the directors would set a certain date and time for the results to be released. In auditions where you haven’t heard anything from the organizers on the said date, you must not stop. Being rejected doesn’t mean that you weren’t good enough for them. Sometimes, looks and characteristics would have an effect on the decisions.

You must remember that there are a lot of channels out there other than Disney. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you could take the opportunity at hand for granted. Rather, you still have to do your best. Be open to possibilities and accept every decision that will be given so that you can easily move on.

Do Some Research

Casting Call

If you want to seek a career with Disney with your own efforts, you can research for any open calls. You have to know when or where the audition will take place. The Web can provide you with a list of all possible audition information that you might need. You just have to take note of the important details. To obtain legit information, you can try visiting their official sites.

Auditions are not given to every person who says they are interested in it. These are considered important events that must be given importance by an auditionee. Hence, if you are planning to ace that Disney Channel audition, you must stand up on your own and be the person you want to be.


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