Parents of Child Actors

Professional Tips from Parents of Child Actors

Parents of child actors hold a great responsibility for their children as they are in charge of keeping their children safe when diving into the show business. Other than the usual tips such as being on time for auditions or making sure their contracts are fair, parents of child actors should always keep in mind that their number one priority must be making sure the child is happy with whatever they choose to do.

Here are some tips gathered straight from parents who have experienced raising young performers. Find out how you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle to your budding child actor below.

Tips from Parents of Child Actors

1. Pursue the dream together

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If your child has a passion for performing, then be open to discussing that idea with them. Explain that it will require a lot of hard work and that rejection may come along the way. Your child will always look up to you for advice, so learn to be positive and practical at all times.

It is important to keep in mind that you will be making sacrifices on your part as well. You’ll have to set appointments for auditions, so time management skills will come in handy. Should your child get the acting job, you’ll likely be having out-of-town shoots as well. Learn to weigh out your options and find what will work best for you and your family.

2. Learn to say no

Learn to Say No

Sometimes, you just have to say no to some offers. Responsible parents of child actors know that a “normal childhood” should be an utmost priority. Plan family outings during their free time; rehearsals can wait for later. The goal here is to give the child a certain routine so he won’t end up getting overwhelmed by his work. Besides, acting and performing should be fun for a child, so there is no reason for his life to revolve around it.

3. Protect your child in the entertainment industry

Protecting Your Child

The entertainment industry is not just a complicated business, but it is also filled with predators and crazy fans. A lot of parents of child actors have the right to worry for their safety. Listed below are some tips to help protect them.

  • Keep your contact details unlisted and change it regularly
  • Check your child’s fan mail
  • Protect the raw images taken of your child
  • Do your research by attending seminars or talking to legitimate agents

4. Keep your child in school

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Most parents of child actors choose to keep their children in school. That way, they can easily transition back to reality after spending hours performing and rehearsing. It also allows them to stay grounded by interacting with children their age and sticking to activities that normal kids do.

5. Let them continue acting if they choose to

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At the end of the day, it is all about keeping your child’s best interest at heart. If they want to continue performing, then be ready to support them no matter what. As their career progresses, so will their skills and passion, and they’ll have their parents to thank for whatever blessings may come along.

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