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Tips for Teens Who Want to Be in Disney Channel Auditions

A lot of teenagers wish to try a Disney Channel auditions and pursue a career in the entertainment business. At their age, most of them are cognizant of the fact that going through auditions is just one step to get the acting jobs they want. As there are many young stars that started out in Disney, they want to use the entertainment company as a stepping stone to achieving their dreams as well.

If you have one of these teenagers, you should also be aware that they need to have the right exposure and experience to ensure they get a shot in any audition. Your teen cannot go through the auditions without having the right stuff casting panels are looking for. They also need to have at least acceptable skills in acting and singing to be able fulfill all the requirements needed by the entertainment company.

Here are some tips that can help parents in guiding their teens to a Disney audition:

1. Encourage your teen to join the school’s drama club.


Teenagers have dreams and future careers they want to have. If being a singer, an actress, a model or a dancer is what your teen wants, it is best that you discuss it with them and provide the support that they may need . To  make sure that they won’t have regrets later, you might as well ask them to work on the dreams they want while they are young. Let them discover ways and provide them access to  resources available to improve your teens acting skills.

Your teens school drama club may be the first place that they can join. This kind of organization encourages teens aiming to become actors like you to pursue acting. Not only will it be a venue for them to establish initial relationships, it will also give them an exposure to like-minded teens who share the same dreams.

2. Let them participate in acting workshops.


Acting workshops in or out of schools are advantageous for your teens. Free or paid lessons will keep them updated with new acting techniques. There are also acting workshops can be available on the internet that you enroll in.

3. Hire some coaches to improve your teens  acting and singing skills.

Ask Help from your Coaches

A vocal or acting coach can be expensive, but very helpful for your teens career. Think of it as an investment. Remember, Disney doesn’t just take someone who knows how to act. You need to present a whole package. They will be needed to present other talents like singing, acting and playing musical instruments.

4. Enroll them  in acting programs from notable universities or institutions.

Enroll to Institutes

Different colleges offer acting programs. The Julliard School in New York and Tisch School at NYU are among the best examples of schools that specialize in acting, singing and dancing classes. They use formal training techniques that will help in improving your teens talents, especially their acting skills.

5. Be sure to have a professional career consultant for your teen

Talk to an Expert

They will be asked to submit headshots, resume and possibly demo-reels during auditions. Ensure that they’ll be done by professionals only. Be sure to invest in them to ensure your teens spot not just in getting auditions, but in landing acting jobs. There are casting directors that will look into your requirements first. If they see wishy-washy requirements that look like they don’t warrant their time and attention, these will be sent directly to the trash bin.

6.Always involve your teens in decision making regarding their career

Starting a career in acting is a serious game that requires your support and their decision. It is necessary that you get them involved before investing your time, money and effort so that they would be accountable to it. Providing a support-base with you in it will encourage your teen to do his best to ace any Disney Channel audition there is.

As a parent, there are a lot of things you can do to help your teens prepare themselves for Disney acting auditions. But, if you are always there to support them, then they will have no trouble in reaching their dreams and acing the Disney Channel auditions they get themselves into.

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