Broadway Audition for Kids

5 Secret Techniques to Ace a Broadway Audition for Kids

If you take a look at the Broadway circuit, you’ll probably notice that a majority of shows feature talented child actors. Broadway is one of the most prominent places to be in show business. It is also a great platform to showcase your child’s singing, acting, and dancing skills.

Matilda, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, and Annie are just some of the shows that cast child actors for the main role. So if your child feels like he or she is ready to take on The Great White Way, here are some helpful tips for conquering a Broadway audition for kids. 

The Secrets to a Successful Broadway Audition for Kids

Before the Audition

Broadway Auditions for Kids

1. Research and prepare

Parents are advocates for their children, so it is important for them to take responsibility in overseeing their careers as well as what is needed before an audition. Make sure that you set up an actor’s profile for your child, prepare their requirements (headshots, résumé, etc.), and take on the task of searching for Broadway audition for kids that your child can go to.

If the show your child is auditioning for is currently playing on Broadway, take the child with you to see the play beforehand. If it’s not, you can search for more details at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in Lincoln Center or look up videos on the Internet.

2. Determine if the role suits your child

In addition to what’s stated above, researching beforehand helps parents determine as to whether or not they are comfortable with the show’s content. If the show tackles mature topics like rape or murder, then it is up to you if you want your child to be exposed to such themes. Do consider their age and maturity level when it comes to making that decision.

During the Audition

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3. Dress yourselves appropriately

Yes, moms and dads out there, you need to dress like you’re auditioning for the role as well. So leave the flashy outfits and sparkling jewelry at home because you wouldn’t want to take the attention away from your child. Speaking of the child actor, they need to show up in an age-appropriate style unless the audition instructions state otherwise.

4. Stay calm and collected

Nerves are normal, especially when it comes to performing in front of a room full of strangers. You may be nervous as well, but it is best to not show it in front of the child. Instead, work that nervous energy to your benefit by making jokes and talking about other things. You can also try to do breathing exercises with the child to release some tension.

After the Audition

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5. Praise your child for trying

Broadway is a cutthroat business, so your child is likely to go up against hundreds of aspiring and equally talented performers during the audition process. The important thing to take note of is that they should have a good time, after all, they are kids! Once the audition is over, treat them to ice cream or some fun activity to congratulate them for trying.