Steps You Can Follow on How to Find Disney Auditions

Getting on Disney Channel is pretty much the main goal of every aspiring young actor. It seems they all want to be a part of the company, or at least, they want to show off what they’ve got to the people working at one of the world’s biggest entertainment business. But, it can be very difficult to do this if you do not know where to begin looking for the company’s auditions. As a guide, here are some things every child star should know on how to find Disney auditions.

Visit the Disney Channel Headquarters

Disney Channel Headquarters

Disney Channel might have lots of offices, but their main headquarters is located in Burbank, California. Here, you can find Judy Taylor, the Vice President of Casting for Disney Channel.

If you want to boost your chances of being called for an audition, then one of the best things you can do is meet with Mrs. Taylor. However, she’s quite busier than any other important persons on this planet, so it might be tough to schedule a meeting with her. Aside from that, she’s always guarded. Thus, to get her attention, you might possibly have to go through a lot of personnel, interns, and security.

Once she finally spares some of her precious time for you, then give it your best shot. Make essential preparations, such as your outfit, and your audition piece. When she sees that you’ve got what it takes, you might be able to follow the footsteps of popular and successful Disney stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and the Jonas Brothers in no time at all.

Become a Member of Online Talent Resource Sites

Look for an Agent

For young talents who aspire to try their luck on the Disney Channel, you might want to look for an online talent manager or agent, who is working for legit and reputable online talent resource companies.

These days, many of these companies employ hard-working staff that will help you find the best open call or private auditions. But, you have to keep in mind that there is a membership fee to be paid. Though paying this doesn’t really guarantee you a role at Disney, you are guaranteed to receive more than your money’s worth in forms of audition opportunities.

Considering the number of online talent resource sites to choose from, you might end up confused about which one to go for. Therefore, you need to take extra caution in making a choice.

Here is one important tip. Find friends or acquaintances that have been members of online talent resource sites. This way, you can narrow down your choices and have better chances of finding good auditions.

Research Audition Listings All Over the Web

Online Open Call

The great thing about the Internet is that it brings information to people wherever they are, in real-time, which basically is an advantage for young talents.

With the power of the world wide web, you can research the most recent audition listings within your area. Through these, you will be able to know which ones you have easy access to, when it comes to location. As these casting calls are held nearby, you will have ample time to really prepare yourself and work on everything you need, including your monologues. Plus, you’ll also be a step ahead of the competition.

Join an Online Disney Channel Casting Call

Disney Casting Call

Whether you believe it or not, Disney Channel has actually held online casting calls, allowing young actors to audition via video. This has been done through the Disney Applause App.

The most recent online casting call started on July 23 and ended August 6. And within that span of time, casting directors searched for young dancers, singers, and actors to work for an upcoming film that will be broadcast on the Disney Channel and Disney XD.

According to Judy Taylor when asked about these online casting calls, Disney Channels Worldwide considers several factors before casting an actor for a certain role. But, their main goal is to find new talents and make the audition process accessible to everyone.

Although there are no longer any online Disney casting calls scheduled right now, you can expect more in the future. So, you always have to be ready with your resume and headshot. And, you need to hone your talents further.

Look Everywhere

Walt Disney Company

Did we mention already that The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest entertainment company? Yes, we did, and this is because they have their hands on every media platform known to man – radio, film, television, publication, animation, recording, and even the Internet. Apart from that, they also have theme parts and cruise lines that are currently operating on five different continents.

To run all of their assets, they need to employ thousands and thousands of people and these include actors and actresses. Knowing that they have all these outlets where you can begin living your dream, it is never impossible for you to work for the prestigious entertainment company. So, if you cannot be in Disney Channel right now, you can probably work at one of their theme parks and get discovered there.

If becoming a Disney star is all you want to be right now, you don’t have to worry. With all the audition outlets available, it is possible for you to live your dream and become famous at some point in your career. You just need to keep your passion and dreams alive and persevere. Plus, it never hurts to have a good start by knowing how to find Disney Auditions.



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