Singing Tips for Kids Every Parent Should Know

It’s the studio that brought you Marry Poppins, Frozen, High School Musical, and Coco. Safe to say, Disney is a powerhouse of musical movies that tell inspiring stories through powerful music. So if your child wants to join the Disney family, there is a big possibility that they’ll be given a speaking and singing role. Problem is, not all child performers are prepared to hold the microphone and belt it out.

The thing about some skills are that they can be learned; singing in no exception. It would be better, yes, if your child was born with a talent in singing, but just because they weren’t doesn’t mean they couldn’t. Here are some singing tips for kids you should learn to help improve your child’s singing.

Must-Learn Singing Tips for Kids

Learning a skill requires effort, patience, time, and learning the following tips:

Kid Singing

1. Make sure your child actually likes to sing

First things first, know what they want. Yes, it is an advantage, but to learn how to sing is not the only way to be a successful child actor. Forcing them to sing might completely turn your child off singing. Ask them about their thoughts on the whole thing, or take them to live shows and see if they enjoy the atmosphere.

2. Know the right age your child should start to learn singing

One of the most important singing tips for kids is to know when the best time is for them to start learning how to sing. It’s not good to have your kid practice singing too early. You can let them learn an instrument at a young age, but teaching them to sing too early is a different story. To force them to start right away will give them the impression that they have to spend all of their time trying to learn a piece. They’ll get too absorbed in it that they fail to enjoy their younger years. Besides, a person’s voice needs time to develop, so it’s really not advisable to start the lessons early.

3. Start by singing to them

Once you’ve established that your child actually wants to sing, it’s time to start the training. Begin by singing to them. Do it without any accompaniment. Your kid can observe what you do, the way you open your mouth, the way you try to take a breath in between, etc. This way, they can have someone to follow as they officially start preparing their pipes.

Children Singing

4. Make it fun

This does not mean they prepare their voice by laughing a lot. Try to use some games. There are a lot of indoor games through which kids learn to identify and match pitches. A good example is the famous Korean game “Cleopatra,” which is basically a song but sung in different pitches. The first to sing does it in a lower pitch, the next would use a regular one, then the next will have to sing it at a higher pitch. The one who can pull off the highest pitch wins the game.

Another is musical telephone. This game will have you sing a tune into someone’s ear and that player will have to relay the same tune to the person next to them, and the last one will sing it out loud. Challenge lies in whether the last person can carry out the exact same tune.

5. Get a vocal trainer

It is completely optional, but seeking the help of a professional can be a good move. Or have them take singing lessons. Just make sure the trainer has a good relationship with your kid to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Same goes with sending them to voice classes. Pay attention to the environment and the people your kid will be with the whole time.

Learning how to sing sounds easy for adults, but it can be a lot to take for children. Follow these singing tips for kids, but also, don’t forget to show your child, in any way you can, that you’re there to support them no matter what.