How Your Child Can Practice Acting at Home

Acting isn’t as easy as looking pretty for the camera, parents! It isn’t all glitz and glamour in gowns on red carpets. It’s about technique, observation, direction, emotions, and lines. In fact, child actors need to be training regularly to improve their skills, hone their technique, and keep their acting tuned. That way, when that once-in-a-lifetime Disney audition rolls around, you’re […]

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Commercial Auditions

Commercial Auditions: Tips and Warnings for Parents of Child Actors

You came across an ad about commercial auditions specifically looking for children, so you decided to give it a try because your child would love some TV or online exposure. We understand the enthusiasm or the nervousness, but there certainly are rules of decorum and cautionary tales that you need to take into consideration when joining commercial auditions. Just like […]

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