Theater Games

10 Fun Theater Games for Your Child Actor

Games are an important part of any curriculum made for children. In theater, they’re equally as valuable in imparting skills while allowing students to have fun, build confidence, stretch their imagination, and grow as an ensemble. Have fun trying these theater games out! 10 Theater Games for Child Actors Meisner’s Repetition Activity Two actors sit […]

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Understanding the Coogan law

Coogan Act: Understanding the California Child Actor’s Bill

John Leslie “Jackie” Coogan was one of the earliest child actors that rose to prominence in Hollywood. He began his career as an infant, getting an uncredited role in the 1917 film Skinner’s Baby. It wasn’t until Coogan was cast alongside Charlie Chaplin in the classic film The Kid that he finally gained the recognition he deserved. Coogan acted in more films until he […]

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