How to Gloriously Deal with Every Disney Channel Audition

How to Gloriously Deal with Every Disney Channel Audition

If you are looking for the right time to shine, might as well try the Disney Channel auditions. In here, you will have the chance to interact with other talents. You can also meet several Disney stars who were in films or animated series. But not everyone gets a chance to audition for a role in Disney. Therefore, if you happen to see an opportunity, you have to take it right away.

Seek the Advice of Your Parents

Parent's Consultation

It is utmost important to seek the advice of your parents before you decide to audition for Disney roles. Once you have explained to them your desire in participating, they might be willing to help you out. You have to convince them to visit the official Disney headquarters in Burbank, California.

Set an Appointment

Arranged Schedules

Once you have convinced them, you have to set a meeting with Judy Taylor, the vice president of casting for Disney Channel. She is indeed a busy woman, so it might be difficult for you to get her attention. Moreover, she is fully guarded by security. Therefore, you need to talk with her secretaries and security-in-charge before you get to discuss things with her.

Be Confident

Based on the characters that you see in the said channel, you can actually notice the appearances and the looks of the people they are hiring. For you to have better chances of being called back, you have to be pretty and confident about yourself.

Prepare an Audition Piece


Basically, most of the auditions would require an applicant to present an audition piece so that it will be easier for the directors to judge whether you fit the role or not. Be sure that you perform excellently for you to leave a mark in the mind of the audience and, more importantly, the panelists.

Embrace the Reality

Patience and Sacrifices

As we all know, being in the entertainment industry is no joke. All the actors and actresses in here have their personal experiences to share. And a lot of them would say that their way to the top was no joke. They have been through ups and downs before they finally get to have a chance to perform in front of everyone.

Adapt to Changes


The beginning is always the hardest. There are plenty of adjustments that must be made for you to be able to fit in. But accepting changes and adapting to them is not that bad. There are times that you just have to blend in with the new trends for you to be noticed by everyone. You just have to accept the reality that acting is not a task where you can just do what you wish to. It takes acceptance before you can really see what you can do to entertain people.

Deal with Challenges Positively

Positive Thinker

Given the chance to be a part of Disney, you must always be open to whatever challenge they may give you. You must deal with things positively so as to avoid committing mistakes. However, it is normal to have these mistakes. What is wrong is when you take it negatively.

If ever you do wrong, be happy to accept it. Nobody is perfect. Hence, you will still be loved if only you learn to love yourself and what you can do. In a typical Disney audition, everyone who successfully makes it through will have an opportunity to work with other stars. It often takes years before they give a room in Walt Disney.

Whenever you are qualified to be in the industry, do your best in every workshop and training session. Act professionally all the time. But you must not close your doors for other opportunities. Remember that your world does not revolve in one channel only.

But if it’s your ultimate dream to be in the magical world of Disney, prepare and be on your way to any Disney Channel auditions near you. Make sure to take note of the tricks that are mentioned above.

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