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How to Balance Career and School as a Child Actor

How to balance career and school as a child actor is no secret that show business takes up a huge crunch off your schedule. So for people looking to balance their personal endeavors and a life full of press conferences, auditions, and shootings, it can be a bit tricky. For child actors, it’s no question that they need to balance out their priorities between school and their newfound careers. Luckily, we have rounded off some helpful tips for you to juggle both:

1. Map out your plans.

Time Management

Plan with an adult how you can manage your time. Setting schedules will keep you organized and make sure that all your priorities are set. It may feel like your career can get the most out of your daily tasks or vice versa, but once you set your mind on working on one thing at a time, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

2. Set reachable expectations.

Set Expectations

If you happen to be the actor, your voice is very important not just in your career but in your studies as well. Once you set the most realistic expectations for yourself based on your skill sets, you can test it out if it works. We recommend that you start with a small goal first, as you know this can be applied no matter what career you plan on doing. Once these smaller goals are attained, the bigger ones would be made reachable. Keep in mind that you also build confidence once you reach each goal, so your motivation is sure to build up as you progress.

3. Organize your career and education.

Organizing Everything

By organize, we’re not just referring to scheduling. It’s important to learn to separate paperwork from school to contracts and scripts. A clean work space always invites good learning experience and a good way to avoid any forms of distraction. This allows you to check on your next call time or the deadline of your assignment without the need to rush.

4. Be sure to take breaks and vacations.

Quality Time

Humans aren’t machines. Every once in a while, our energy will run out. Try to rest your eyes in between working and don’t force your body to do things it can no longer do. The more you stress yourself out, less production happens. Not only does your body succumb to sickness, but so do the ideas that stem from your mind.

You can also opt to take a vacation. Don’t be afraid to insert or request one. Anyone who works just as hard as you do deserves a change of view. It will not only calm your senses, but the new environment will relieve you of the stress overlapping deadlines give you.

5. Give your 100 percent attention to each path.

Focus and Concentration

Work and school are different. The reason we recommended organizing and planning how you’d go about balancing the two is for you to focus on what you happen to be working on at the moment. So if you’re practicing to ace that next casting call, the last thing that should be on your mind is that algebra homework you haven’t passed yet. This will help you concentrate on what is happening as of the moment, preventing your mind from wandering to elsewhere. Remember, the more passion you inject to your work, the better the results.

6. Prepare for road bumps and struggles.


There is no question that things aren’t always perfect. In fact, nothing is. Balancing two priorities is a difficult task especially for young people. Both can be demanding at times, but your passion should be enough to keep you going. Once your schedule starts overlapping and you career seems to be getting the best of you, try again until you get it right. Nobody expects you to do good all the time, that’s why we have tomorrow. As long as it doesn’t become some sort of an excuse, trying again isn’t a bad thing; it just shows how devoted you are to reaching your goal.

7. Balance things out.


School is as much of a priority as your career is. Focus on both because when you give more priority to one, you won’t be able to succeed the way you want to. It may be hard at first, but once you find a way to balance your academic and career lives, it shouldn’t be so difficult. So find time at your own pace to achieve them and you can trust that you will do well on both.

No matter what you have in mind when it comes to succeeding in both school and your show business career, if it works for you, then go for it. Remember that there will never be a perfect plan, but when you settle for what is better for you and your career, then you will find progress and accomplishments.

Holly Bissonnette

A marketing writer for several years, I have recently shifted my focus into entertainment. I have been working as a freelance writer for Explore Talent for more than a year now.

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