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How You Can Help Your Child Deal with Rejection in Disney Channel Auditions

Disney child actors still have to deal with rejections and disappointments, no matter how talented they are. Rejection is one of the hardest things young aspiring actors have to deal with in the entertainment industry.

Rejection is something no one wants to face, but avoiding criticism or aiming to be perfect is way too unreal. Even successful people have had times when they weren’t praised, when all they got was a no and never yes. How to bounce back after a major blow is what’s truly important.

Things will get easier when you are able to open your child’s eyes to the bigger picture and make him realize that not getting the role has nothing to do with him or his talent, that it just turned out the role does not fit him. As a parent, it is your task to find ways to help your child cope with rejection during acting auditions.

Why is it important to help him handle it? Because there is a tendency that he might get frustrated, if he can’t control his own emotions after being rejected. To help you, we have prepared a number of ways that you can use to ease the pain of your kid.

1. Your child does not need further criticism after an audition.

Positive Feedback

Do not criticize them when they are being less than perfect. Instead, suggest that they can do things differently when they move on to their next acting auditions. Praise them when they do well. Always remember to continue providing your child with positive reinforcement.

Your kid isn’t perfect; no one in this world is. Don’t let people expect him to be.

2. Be your child’s confidant.


One of the roles you should take on is that of a friend and not just a parent. Rejection and disappointment are things that go hand-and-hand along someone’s way to being a successful actor, that’s why you have to do your best to help your child deal with it.

There’s a big chance that if you do not act rejected and disappointed yourself, your kid will do the same. Your kids see you as a role model. What you say and do and how you view things will have a big effect on how they react to certain situations.

Encourage your child to view each audition as a chance to meet new people rather than as an interview for a job. The should be able to treat it as a learning experience and see it as an opportunity to have fun and do what they love.

3. Engage your child in their other interests.

Take a break

Having other interests will help them deal with rejection faster because they will be able to have more confidence and sense of worth. So as a parent, you should be aware of your child’s other interests aside from acting. If they have a talent in playing different kinds of sports or are interested in volunteer activities, then help them get involved with these.

4. Be realistic and understand the chances.

Be true to yourself

Since there are millions of aspirants, it has been said that it will take at least 99 auditions to get one job. Although these numbers are just hypothetical, it is still a struggle that even actors who get lots of work have to go through. With a big number of auditions comes a higher risk for rejection. Because truth be told, the entertainment industry is a tough business.

Explain to your kid the chances of booking a single job can be hard. This will give him an idea that being a professional actor is really not an easy job, that it won’t be a walk in the park. Tell him that eventually, everything will fall right into place.

5. Explain the fundamentals and how casting really works.

Discuss the guidelines

The first chapter of a successful acting career always takes place in auditions and casting calls. Aspiring actors on TV or in films have to start from here. Same goes for comedians, dancers, and models. However, casting professionals invite over hundreds of aspiring actors to these auditions, so they could select the one who will best suit the character or role they have in mind, making it quite challenging.

Explain to your child that not getting the job does not mean that they are not good. If your kid doesn’t make it after an audition, advise them to learn from the experience and to give their best during the next one.

If your child wants to become one of the many Disney child actors, then you have to prepare them for rejection. No one likes it, but a good child actor must know how to easily get past it and move on to the next opportunity. If your child really wants to continue in the entertainment industry, it will be essential for him to be thick-skinned and strong enough to learn how to deal with criticism and rejection.

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