tips for choosing monologue for kids

Tips for Choosing a Monologue for Your Child Actor

Getting into the entertainment industry is never easy. It’s not all about looks; nor is it about just having the talent to act. It’s a process that requires commitment and the drive to be bigger. This is why most parents start helping their child who wants to try acting from an early age. 

8 Tips for Choosing a Monologue for Your Child

But being a parent of a young performer is in itself a difficult task. There’s a lot to prepare. But there’s one thing every parent must help their child get their hands on whether they are preparing for auditions, a school play, or a theater performance—monologue.

Monologues are just as important to a young performer as it is to adults. It helps them get ready for what lies ahead. Aside from memorizing it, what is even harder is finding the right one for you. Since your child is still not equipped to choose one on their own, parents are there to help them.

Worry not, as we prepared some tips for choosing a monologue for your kid that every parent should know.

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Monologue for Your Child Actor

  1. Choose a monologue that your child loves.
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Make sure your child actor loves the monologues you are choosing for them. Loving the piece will make them more excited to work on it and therefore will do better at performing it. Shy away from the ones they don’t particularly like as this will only decrease their chances at acing the audition.

  1. Choose a monologue your child can relate to.

Settle for a piece that your child can relate to. If they are going through puberty and grappling with challenges of adolescence, there are a lot of published monologues on this topic that you can get your hands on. Or are they grieving over a loss, find something that talks about the same topic and give it to your kid. They will perform better if they actually know what they are talking about.

  1. Do not choose a long monologue.
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Keeping it short is the key. Most of the time, the judges or agents or casting directors only need thirty seconds to see if you fit the role or not. So it pays to consider that when choosing a piece for your child actor. They may be sitting for hours looking for an actor for their project; do not waste their time by reciting a novel.

  1. Have them read the entire piece.

While keeping it short is important, it is also recommended that you have them read the entire play. This is so they will actually understand what their character is going through and where the story is heading. It will help them deliver the right emotions if they know these things. 

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  1. Do not choose an overdone monologue.

You might want to play it safe by choosing something that has been done by a hundred others, but casting directors actually advise against this. Do not choose something that is all over the Internet just because it’s the first one you can find. There are fresh, new pieces out there that your child can try.