Child Modeling: Things to Remember for Beginners

Ever dreamt of seeing your child pose in front of the camera lens of the world’s biggest brand? Or do you wish to see them one day on a big billboard as you drive on the highway? Or do you want to see your kid on the pages of your favorite product magazine? All this is possible once you’ve broken into one world: modeling.


Child modeling is one of the most popular types of modeling in the world, albeit it in itself has its various types. If you want to see your child sport clothes for a brand or get filmed playing  toys manufactured by a big-name company and be on TV commercials or billboards or be a muse of some famous painter or sculptor, it’s child modeling that you need to get them started with.

Child modeling, however, carries with it major misconceptions. It’s not all glitz and glamour. More so, it isn’t all about looks. If you want your kid to be the next big thing in modeling, there are things and tips you should keep in mind.

Things to Remember Before Trying to Break into the World of Child Modeling

1. As mentioned, it isn’t all about looks.

Your child can be the cutest thing on earth or they could be the prettiest kid the world has ever laid its eyes on, but if they don’t have the personality, they won’t be chosen by agencies. According to Charles Ramsey, a former owner of a modeling agency in New York City, “Many advertisers prefer an average-looking, kid-next-door child.” 

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Your kid should be outgoing and doesn’t shy away from cameras. Modeling will have your kid deal with many people, more than they’ve ever dealt with in their life at home or in school. They would also have to be in front of the camera all the time and will be told to strike several poses, so they have to be comfortable enough for that. If your child is the shy type, then maybe modeling is not the right career for them.

2. Sometimes, it’s all about choosing the right agency.

Even older models will agree, signing with the right agency is the best way to go. They can get your child more gigs and they can be your guide on how to handle the grueling world that is modeling.

3. It can be expensive.


No modeling agency will ask you to pay them, but it does not mean there’s nothing you have to pay for. What about the photos you will submit to them? The photographer that will take the photos? All those cost a lot. You need not hire a professional photographer, but remember that high-quality headshots is the key to being signed or being booked. So make sure you hire someone that is good enough to give you the photos you need for your child to get a job. Not only that, attending go-sees and casting calls cost a lot too.

4. It’s a commitment.

Although it’s important that you and your child are having fun doing it, child modeling isn’t all about that. It’s a commitment. For one, you need to wake up early to attend go-sees. There will be times when you have to show up on very short notice, but still, you need to be there, or else, you will be tagged unprofessional and that will affect your child’s record.


So child modeling isn’t all glitz and glamour. It’s a cutthroat industry that can take its toll on you and your kid. But still, it’s worth breaking into. If your child has always dreamt of being a model, what else is there to do but to support them, right?

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