On-Camera Auditions

How to Prepare Child Actors for On-Camera Auditions

When your child expresses a desire to join the acting industry, the hard work follows. You help them prepare for auditions, rearrange schedules, and head from one venue to another all for that dream of being a successful actor. Some parents even enroll their children in performing arts classes to hone their acting skills.

It is always impressive to see how determined most parents are in helping their children realize their dreams. So if you happen to have a child with upcoming on-camera auditions scheduled, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you teach your kids to act natural and bring their best personality to an audition.

How to Prepare Child Actors for On-Camera Auditions

1. Memorize the lines

Memorizing Script lines

For on-camera auditions, you typically get the script the night before. That may sound like it only adds to the stress, but in show business, it is important to keep in mind that almost everything is unpredictable. Most kids panic when being put on the spot, and the worst that can happen is that they get a bad case of stage fright. As a parent, you have to assist them in memorizing their lines. This does not necessarily mean that you have to go in full dictator mode. Make it fun! Run through the lines and explain what each one means, almost as if you’re reading a story.

2. Read and understand the script together

Reading Comprehension

Reading and understanding the script will help your child understand what is going on in the story. You may be slim on time, but at least leaf through the pages to really get into the context. There may come a time when the director asks your child what they think about the plot, the character, and their thoughts on certain scenes. Preparing ahead will give you a straight-up advantage in those situations.

3. Hire a professional acting coach

Acting Workshops

By hiring someone who knows the industry inside and out, you really get the job done without breaking a sweat. Acting coaches know how to instruct the child when it comes to making the right gestures, tone, and facial expressions. Looking very stiff and forced during line readings can sabotage an entire audition, so acting coaches see to it that they get the children master the proper way of looking natural for on-camera auditions.

4. Do not stress over how your child should look

Dress Like the Character

You are not auditioning for a pageant, so don’t obsess over how your child should look on the day of the big audition. Sure, it is important to dress like the character, but overdressing your child is not going to draw the best impression. At the end of the day, the only thing you want to put your energy into is how they come across on camera.

5. Let them enjoy the audition process


If you want to teach your child to act naturally in front of the camera, then eliminate stress or pressure. Never pull them to a corner and say, “Don’t screw this up!” That will only make them more nervous. Instead, let your child treat auditions as a fun activity that allows them to showcase their creative side. Do not let them worry about failing either, there is always another opportunity waiting for them in the future.

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