Helping a Child Actor Deal with Audition Rejection

As a parent to a child actor, you sure are aware that audition is mandatory for booking roles. Naturally, the thought of your child having to deal with rejection can be as stressful as the audition process itself. But you shouldn’t overlook the fact that rejection is part of any career and many actors struggled to get roles before making it big. As a parent, you act as a guide in helping your child deal with audition rejection.

Here are a few ideas.

Audition Rejection: 5 Ways to Help Your Child in Coping

1. Commend them for being selected in the first place

Commending Kids

Being selected to audition for a role is already a huge thing worth celebrating for. This means that casting directors have already seen a certain potential in your child. Auditions open huge opportunities for aspiring actors, especially if they manage to make a lasting impression. If your child is rejected for a certain role, there’s still a huge chance that they’ll be considered for future projects.

2. Help them understand that audition rejection is normal

Audition Rejection

When Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson was just 11 years old, she lost out to Kirsten Dunst for the role of Judy Shepherd in the 1995 film Jumanji. Johansson would remain relatively unknown until she finally got her breakout role in The Horse Whisperer three years later.

Johansson proves that rejection is absolutely normal, and there really is no instant formula for success. And as a parent, what you need to do is encourage them to keep going and shower them with the support they need.

3. Remind them that auditions are a chance to perform

Child Jumping

If your child loves performing, then there’s no doubt that they would think of auditions as a great way to showcase their talents. As you and your child prepare for on-camera auditions or any other types of audition, it is best to remind them that auditions are fun, regardless of the outcome. It is also an opportunity to build connections and make some friends along the way.

4. Do not deflect their feelings

Mother Scolding Child

After an audition, it is understandable for many children to feel down. They could walk up to you and say that they feel terrible for doing bad. Instead of sugarcoating things or blaming the casting directors or anyone else, validate their feelings and suggest a fun activity that can lift up their spirit. After all, it already took a lot of courage to show up in that audition room, so why not celebrate that incredible feat?

5. Stay connected with fellow actors

Atlanta Workshop

Sure, your support matters, but a community that completely understands what audition rejection is will help your child cope with what they’re going through. Acting classes or clubs are a perfect way to keep learning and growing. They can also help keep your child motivated to try and try so they can book more jobs in the future.

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