how to prepare your child for a career in music

How to Prepare Your Child for a Career in Music

Does your child show great promise as a singer? Then he might want to pursue a career as a singer or musician. However, the journey to pursuing a career in music is never easy, and it’s crucial that you prepare them well for the experience, as it will have lasting effects on their esteem and goals in life. Musical superstars like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake were once child singers, and their present success proves that children can succeed in  a musical career provided that they were given the right tools in life and were trained properly. We’ve compiled some tips on how you can prepare your child for a career in music.

Tips on How You Can Prepare Your Child for a Career in Music


Teach your child how to handle criticism even at his young age.

The first important thing you should teach him is the ability to handle negative criticism without being defensive or getting angry. When training them, give them both positive and negative feedback. The positive comments will help to boost his self-esteem, while the negative comments will teach him to learn from his mistakes and take them as an opportunity to improve.

Ease your child into the spotlight and don’t push him too soon.

This is crucial especially if your kid is particularly shy. Don’t force him to attend auditions if he’s not yet ready or comfortable. You can, however, slowly start easing him into the process by making him perform in small family gatherings and then in bigger ones. This way, he can gradually get used to being in front of a crowd.


Daily training is key in training him to a great singer.

Set aside a few hours each day for his musical training, where he can learn both basic and advanced techniques. However, make sure he still has time for the other aspects, such as school and playing with his peers. The important thing here is that he enjoys the process and doesn’t feel too burned out.

Ask your child about his favorite songs and singers.

You might find out from his answers what his preferred genre of music is. You want to resist making them sing songs that only you as the parent prefer; your child will find the experience much more enjoyable if he is able to sing songs that he likes listening to and singing. Remember that your child is the performer and not you. That said, you should also expose him to other genres of music other than what he typically enjoys as this can help broaden his musical taste and thus his versatility as a singer.

Help your child maintain a positive attitude and temper his expectations with a little bit of reality.

Remember that the music industry can be an extremely competitive one. If your child suffers a few rejections, make him understand that it’s not the end of the world. Also, remind yourself not to be too much of a stage parent. Being especially forceful on your child can cause him undue stress, which can affect him later on in life.