4 Ways Background Acting Is Beneficial to Your Kid

While we see more older movie extras than kids, background acting is not just for adults. After all, school scenes or those shot in parks and playgrounds will look dull and bare without kids running and playing in the background.

If you think background acting is nothing but a job people take when they’re left with no choice, that it won’t really help boost one’s career, you might have to think again. A lot of actors who are now sought after started out as movie extras. To put it simply, a chance to do background acting is an opportunity you should not miss.

Why You Should Let Your Child Do Background Acting

Here are some of the benefits a child actor will enjoy from background acting.

Movie Clapper Board

1. Acting experience is not necessary

It is an advantage, yes, but acting experience is not necessary in background acting. As long as your kid listens to what they’re told and knows how to follow every instruction, they’re good to go. But then again, as a parent, you should know that every chance you get that will help hone your kid’s acting skills is something worth grabbing. If you can send them to acting workshops and have them take acting classes, you should go for it.

2. It’s the perfect exposure

If your child clearly has potential to be the next big thing but is not ready for the demands of the job, background acting is the best way to get them ready. With this, they get to meet new people, learn what goes behind the camera, the people they will have to work with in the future, and know how to socialize with everyone on the set.

Another thing is that it is through small roles that acting gems are discovered. If your child is talented, witty, and bubbly, the director will surely notice that, and who knows, your kid might just be the lead star in their next project.

3. They get to work with industry giants

Background acting is your child’s free pass to the industry. It’s how they can meet the best directors and the msot famous actors. While that depends on the kind of projects they get, the experience itself, having to talk to a filmmaker and being in the same frame with professional actors, is worth it. And if your kid has a favorite star they look up to, there’s a big chance they can see them up close on the set. That’s an experience worth looking back on.

Child Actors on Set

4. It’s a fun time for kids

The set is a place to meet new friends. While it is not literally playtime, background acting means learning new things the fun way. The job does not cause too much physical and mental distress, but it connects them directly to what awaits them should they decide to pursue acting.

Success in the entertainment industry does not happen overnight. Everybody has to start playing small roles before they get to be the lead character. Background acting is more than just walking around and screaming in the back. It opens the door to more opportunities, so get your kid out there and help them take their first step to achieving their dreams.