Audition Tips for Budding Child Actors and Parents

Has your child ever expressed interest in being a part of a play or any production? Then maybe it is time they live out their dream and venture into the world of acting. Living a life as an actor can be a very enriching experience. It allows a person to express themselves, build self-confidence, and make new friends.

Anyone who wants to participate in a production needs to undergo an audition first. Auditions are typically held by casting directors to pick out the perfect actor to play a certain part. Whether you happen to be a newcomer in the business or an acting veteran, auditions are still the first step before booking a gig. Children might find the thought of an audition to be very daunting. But the first thing they need to keep in mind is that nervousness is a completely normal feeling.

To help ease your audition nerves, here are some helpful audition tips for child actors:

1. Preparation is key


Preparation helps a child complete an audition not just because it helps them know what to do next and how to do it , but it also serves as an effective way to calm down rattled nerves. So make sure you are there to guide your child on their routine or acting piece, and as a parent, you might want to encourage them to try and release their own sense of creativity as well. This can be done by asking them if they have any suggestions or if they want to change a certain move to better suit their style.

2. Select the audition piece wisely

Think wisely

In line with the first item, it is important that your child chooses an appropriate routine for their audition. So if they are trying out for a part in a theatrical production, then make sure their song choices are in line with the theme of the play. Also, make sure to check the guidelines to see if the child can bring any accompaniment as casting directors may be impressed if the person auditioning has more than one talent.

3. Dress appropriately

Dress Code

Parents should help the child dress appropriately for the audition. For example, if this is a dance audition, then let them wear comfortable dance clothes. If this is an acting audition, then make sure they wear something that relates to the role they are auditioning for. Try not to have the child go over the top with their overall appearance, because at the end of the day, comfort should always be prioritized over quality.

4. Teach the child to be polite

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Remind your child that they need to be polite and outgoing from the time they walk in to the moment they leave the audition room. Teach them to act the same way they want to be treated themselves and make sure that they do the same to everyone in the audition room. It can be helpful to set an example by giving your child a warm smile every once in a while. Not only will this encourage them to act the same way, but it will also calm their nerves.

5. Remind them to keep going

Never give up

Auditions are opportunities that may come and go. Your child may be disheartened if he or she does not get the part, but note that among a huge group, the casting director’s choice is literally narrowed down to one. The most important thing to remind them of here is that they already did a good job by simply being brave enough to try it out and that what’s important is that they learn something from the experience.

As a parent, make sure to commend your child no matter what the results are. Buy them ice cream or take them to a nice walk in the park to remind them that the experience was all in the name of fun.

Everybody knows that auditions are a nerve-racking experience. But at the same time, it is the perfect place to meet new friends; practice acting, dancing, or singing; and most of all, it’s where a child develops a deeper bond with their parents. So always provide words of encouragements to children who participate in auditions and assure them that even if the odds may not always be in their favor, they will still get another chance in the future.

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