Where Can I Find Acting Auditions for Kids?

The great thing about striving to have a career as an actor is that you are neither too old nor too young to get acting jobs. The next time you watch movies or TV shows, think about all of the kids and teens you see in there. If you just think about it, many of today’s successful actors started out in the entertainment industry at a very young age. They went to various acting auditions for kids until they landed acting jobs on Hollywood or kids’ shows like the ones on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Drew Barrymore, Leonardo diCaprio, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Kirsten Dunst, and Scarlett Johansson are just few of the many actors who started their acting career young. Your child can be one of them too!

If you have a kid with the talent and interest to be an actor, help them find acting auditions for kids. Here are the various outlets you can find them from. 

Where to Find Acting Auditions for Kids

NM Film News
NM Film News

 Talent agents or agencies

If you are serious about helping your kid out in their acting career, then find somebody reliable to represent them. You can do this by submitting child’s acting résumé and headshots. If your child has the potential, agents or agencies will be lining up to represent them.  A talent agent or agency will help your kid in getting into acting auditions for kids and booking acting jobs. They can even get your child into private auditions, which you wouldn’t be able to be part of without an agent.



You may not know it, but actually school productions do matter in the real world as relevant experience, especially in this industry. Schools usually post numerous acting auditions for kids and casting call invitations on the bulletin board. These school productions can entice industry directors and producers as audience, or if you’re lucky, your kid’s teachers could actually be professional playwrights or producers. Ask around if there is a school drama club or theater guild you child can join and have them join or audition for them when they have the chance. A job well done could make a lasting impression and land them somewhere!

Dramatica UK
Dramatica UK


Aside from offering acting opportunities, acting classes and workshops teach kids to adapt to changing situations. This allows them to be less reactive when new things come up, and be more apt to accept change, both in the industry and in life. This flexibility and adaptability can give your kids a huge advantage on camera and on the stage. Choose workshops facilitated by mentors with considerable credentials, background, and experience.

You may need to save up some money to enroll your child, but you get to learn industry knowledge, tips, and local personalities by the end of the classes in return. Aside from that, enrollees will be required to participate in a culminating event, which could be attended by prominent people in the industry. Do your best in your performance, and they might notice you. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the mentors and organizers as well. They could turn out to be valuable connections someday as some are known to refer their “graduates” to local productions when talents are needed.

drama school
Beverly Hills Playhouse

Drama or film schools

If your child went to an acting school for kids, there will usually be acting auditions for kids there that your child can be part of. These institutions continually produce performances and participate in events, so they’re always on the lookout for  talent for every project. If you haven’t yet, you can consider enrolling your child to these schools or you may have friends or other connections studying there who can update you about casting calls regularly. You can also try checking their bulletin boards.

Social media

In this day and age, you will be utilizing social media to further your child’s acting career. Because almost everyone is using social media to connect and advertise, you can actually find acting auditions for kids, learn about castings, make industry connections, obtain agents, meet new friends, and book your child jobs through social networking. It is changing the entertainment industry and creating new opportunities for young performers everywhere. Look up film schools, productions, and local enthusiast communities; follow their pages or join their groups; and turn on notifications to stay up to date on news and important posts. Even film festivals announce on social media whenever contingents have a need for young talents.

Center for Identity - The University of Texas at Austin
Center for Identity – The University of Texas at Austin

Talent resource websites

There are a lot of websites online that provide a listing of updated casting calls and acting jobs. One of these is ExploreTalent.com. It is the largest among the many websites that offer acting job postings for both young and adult actors in the US. You can register to this site and use it in making an online profile of your child where you can upload videos and pictures of them as much as you can. This can be seen by the many casting directors who visit the site not just to post casting calls and auditions for kids but also to find child actors. Your child can be one of the lucky ones that will catch their eye.

Print and broadcast media

Many TV networks like Disney Channel announce open calls for shows or other projects as TV adverts. Theater auditions and castings, on the other hand, are often published in theater magazines or local newspapers. So don’t shy away from major newspapers in large cities. There could be ads and classifieds you can come across. Even regularly tuning in to the radio can turn in unexpected projects.


These are just among the many avenues that you could look into when it comes to finding casting calls and auditions for kids. The key is to being persistent in finding the right ones from the most reliable sources. Once you’ve found various auditions for your child, here are tips to follow so your child gets the role.

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